Bobby Lashley Is Confident He Will Get A Match With Brock Lesnar

Bobby Lashley still wants his match with Brock Lesnar, but isn’t overlooking his match with Drew McIntyre on Backlash.
WWE Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley still wants his match with Brock Lesnar, but isn’t overlooking his match with Drew McIntyre on Backlash.

Bobby Lashley made his debut in the WWE in 2005, and right from the beginning it was clear what role he was destined to play.  The year previous WWE lost Lesnar and they needed a new one.  Lashley filled that spot and became a two time ECW World champion.  However, Lashley couldn’t escape the comparison to Lesnar.

They both had very decorated amatuer wrestling careers and physiques of superheroes.  However, the similarities don’t stop there and both entered the world of MMA.  They both did very well in MMA.  Fans booked the two into a fantasy MMA match to see who was scariest pro wrestling big man.  However, Lesnar has retired from MMA so that match will never happen.

WWE Bobby Lashley
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Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley Just May Happen

The good news is that Lesnar and Lashley are both in the WWE at the moment.  Although they missed each other the first time we just may see it this time around.


Lashley was interviewed by talkSPORT and was asked about what he thought of wrestling Lesnar now.  Lashley was named the number one contender at Lesnar’s title after Extreme Rules 2018, but then WWE changed plans and gave that shot to Roman Reigns.

“We are fans the same way – well, at least I am – the same way everybody else is. When I heard the winner gets Brock, I was like, ‘is this it? Am I finally getting it?’ Then it’s ‘not now!’  I don’t know what the situation is. I don’t know what the case is. But I do believe eventually it will happen before Brock and I are senior citizens. The one thing that people – and I don’t want to switch gears here – but Drew McIntyre is a Brock Lesnar. He definitely is. I think that a matchup with Drew is just as exciting as Brock, to me, if done right,”Lashly said.

A Win Over McIntyre Would Set Up The Match Nicely

Since McIntyre beat Lesnar the McIntyre vs Bobby Lashley at Backlash is the next step in setting up the Lesnar match.  Lesnar typically only wrestles in title matches and or at least in high profile feuds.  It would make sense for Lashley to go against Lesner next if he beats McIntyre. 

However, McIntyre is very dominant right now and is another “Brock Lesnar” like Lashley said.  McIntyre is beating everyone right now and he is a huge huddle people have to overcome to move on to the title. Lashley was asked what motivates him this time around in the WWE.

“I definitely want to win a world title. I definitely want to. The years that I’ve put in the business and the matches I’ve had with so many different people, I definitely want to. But another thing I want to do, and I hope this is not shooting myself in the foot or kicking myself in the butt, but when I first got in the wrestling business and I was first starting out, there were guys like myself who were a bit older in the business.  And one thing they did, they wanted to make the younger guys.

But at the same it in making the younger guys, they had to have something credible for the younger guys to go after. And I think that I’m one of those guys. The younger guys should be hungry to come and beat me. Because I’m not someone you should just be able to beat,” Lashley said.

WWE Lana and Bobby Lashley
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The Top WWE Title Would Be A Nice Ending Accomplishment For Lashley

I believe it was Scott Hall who once said if you don’t want to be world champ then what are you doing with your wrestling career?  A WWE World or Universal Championship has always eluded Lashley.  It would be a good cap on the latter part of his career to win one of those titles.


Bobby Lashley has had a lot of feuds with some of the newer stars of WWE like Braun Strowman and Rusev.  It seems like he is in that position. He is a force which must be beat and gives the winner some credibility by beating him.

The next question is will Lesnar vs Lashley be a good match?  I think it will be good, but will it be a great match?  No, I don’t think so.  Lashley has a really hard time carrying a good feud.  He has the look and the athletic skills, but not the charisma to make his matches interesting just isn’t there.  His feud with Rusev was the worst feud of the year and is still going on even though Rusev doesn’t work there anymore (that part is WWE’s fault but still).

Do you think we will ever get Lashley vs Lesnar?  Do you think it will be a good match? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: talkSPORT


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