First Look At Stephen King’s The Stand’s TV Adaptation

Take a look at the first photos from the upcoming CBS All Access adaptation of, The Stand, based on Stephen King's novel.
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Take a look at the first photos from the upcoming CBS All Access adaptation of, The Stand, based on Stephen King’s novel. The stills feature the all-star cast including Whoopi Goldberg, Alexander Skarsgard, Heather Graham, Odessa Young, and more.

The first photo features Whoopi Goldberg as the 108-year old Mother Abigail. Mother Abigail is the leader who wants peace for the survivors, as her followers try to hold onto their own remaining humanity. Mother Abigail is the leader fighting for humanity to choose the side of good, though the photo does put her in a bit of a creepy light while she leans on her cane. 

Alexander Skarsgard as Randall Flagg is pictured below. Randall Flagg, or the “Dark Man,” is the other leader trying to emerge in the new world order. He is the opposite of Mother Abigail, wanting chaos and violence to reign supreme. He is the charming “rockabilly” demon setting up his kingdom in none other than Las Vegas.

Skarsgard’s Flagg is looking down at Nat Wolff’s Lloyd Henreid where he lays behind bars. Lloyd had been stuck in jail while the world fell apart, after a robbery that ended in murder. It looks like Flagg may be Lloyd’s last hope, considering he’s been locked in that cell while most of the inhabitants of the prison likely died off and Lloyd has been left to starve.

Heather Graham’s Rita Blakemoor walks through a street full of abandoned cars in a dead city with Jovan Adepo’s Larry Underwood. Rita Blakemoor is a New York socialite who is struggling to survive in an abandoned necropolis. Larry Underwood is a musician who sadly was only able to release his first hit single right as the pandemic hits.  

Owen Teague’s Harold Lauder is the strange neighbor of Odessa Young’s Frannie Goldsmith who, like her, has managed to survive the virus. Teague has long harbored an uncomfortable crush on his neighbor and sees this as his chance to capitalize on the fact that most of the male population has died. They are among the few who are not alone, now that most people have died and they look to be sharing a moment of peace together. 

Odessa Young’s Frannie Goldsmith who is pictured below has a lot more to worry about than her neighbor’s romantic interest. Frannie is pregnant and while she is immune to the virus, there’s a chance that her child may not be. This leads to anxiety about her child’s chances of survival, but would bringing a child into the world really be a kindness at this point anyway?


Stephen King’s Surprise For The Stand Readers

With familiar characters and a favorite story getting a fresh adaptation as a miniseries on CBS All Access, Stephen King has added an exciting twist to the upcoming adaptation of The Stand. King has penned a new ending for the series, so while fans may know the story well, there are still surprises in store. In the tweet below King, admits the final story he tells has been something he’s had in mind for 30 years. It should be exciting to see what twist King has added to the well-known story. 

The Stand takes place in a world where the vast majority of the population has died due to a man-made virus. The few survivors left need a leader and two leaders rise. Mother Abigail (Whoopi Goldberg) is a 108-year-old woman and prophet who wants nothing, but peace for the community, she is the figure of good. On the other side is Randall Flagg (Alexander Skarsgard) the “Dark Man” who is the embodiment of violence and chaos. The survivors must choose between the two factions and struggle over humanity’s fate between good and evil. 


The Stand is set to premiere on CBS All Access later this year, but no specific date has been announced yet. Josh Boone and Benjamin Cavell will serve as showrunners. The Stand will star James Marsden, Amber Heard, Alexander Skarsgard, Whoopi Goldberg, Marilyn Manson, Eion Bailey and Heather Graham.

Are you excited for the CBS All Access The Stand series? What do you think the new ending will look like? What do you think about the photos of the upcoming series? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or on our social media?

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