PlayStation Plus Games For June 2020 Revealed

June 2020's batch of PlayStation Plus games include some fan-favorites, such as Star Wars: Battlefront II and Call Of Duty: World War II.

It seems to have become a sort of event whenever Sony lifts the veil and unleashes what players can expect in their monthly games for their PlayStation Plus subscription service. Luckily, PlayStation has announced when and what players can expect for June 2020!

In the past, players have been treated to games such as Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed Uncharted 4, the Bioshock Collection, Bloodborne, and much much more.


Most recently, players have been treated to Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator ’19. Both catered to gamers who were looking for something to relax to, as they either managed their crops or felt the gratification of building their very own city from the ground up.

June 2020 on PlayStation Plus

star wars battlefront ii on playstation plus

For the month of June, PlayStation have announced two massive games are coming to the service for all subscribers to enjoy: Star Wars: Battlefront II and Call Of Duty: World War II. Both games fling players into worlds either much further back in the past, revisiting one of the darkest periods in our history, or far into a galaxy long ago, far far away.

In a surprise announcement earlier this week, PlayStation announced ahead of the typical announcement that players can begin downloading COD: World War II early, starting from May 26th. Meaning, if you have a subscription and haven’t already, you can redeem Activision’s famous FPS game right now!

Players will have to wait a little while longer for Star Wars however, as that will release for everyone from Tuesday, June 2nd. Battlefront II has recently been host to numerous updates to the game, big and small, over the course of 2 and a half years, following a turbulent launch in the wake of the infamous loot box controversy that shook the gaming business market as a whole.

Since then, EA and Dice have been hard at work providing players with new reasons to hop in, most recently including new content for the latest film release, The Rise of Skywalker. These updates have since come to an end, marking the hopeful possibility at a new title – likely Battlefield 6.

What are your thoughts on this month’s batch of PlayStation Plus games? Will you be downloading and playing them? What are your predictions as to what July’s games could be? Sound off below, and let us know at The Illuminerdi!


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