Hollywood Considering Fascinating Post-Pandemic Changes Including Paperless Scripts And Sets

Filmmaking in Hollywood and beyond is on the verge of a monumental transformation as productions begin to crew up.
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Filmmaking in Hollywood and beyond is on the verge of a monumental transformation.

People are about to start living in a completely era after the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. With an increased focus on cleaning and new regulations being discussed and passed almost by the day, there will seemingly be a new normal as the general public works to be extra vigilant fighting this disease and keeping themselves and their loved ones healthy.

In terms of what we at The Illuminerdi cover, there is also going to be a new era of filmmaking once productions are allowed to resume filming again. After the rescheduling of theatrical releases from almost every major studio, the time is drawing nearer for casts and crews to reconvene and finish filming some of the biggest and most highly anticipated projects of the next couple years. This will now come with a new safety protocol, one that could go either way in terms of accessibility to information regarding these projects.

New Paperless Changes Coming To Hollywood Filmmaking

A new report from Vanity Fair details that Hollywood is potentially planning to go completely paperless on set. This would eliminate call sheets, crew lists, production reports, and most monumentally paper screenplays. This new safety measure would help to limit the possibility of COVID-19 being transmitted by touch, as some reports have noted that it can live for a short time on paper.

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This is going to be a huge game changer going forward, potentially making it much more difficult for leaks and spoilers from major motion pictures to release to the public before the films’ releases. For some studios that already work incredibly diligently to avoid spoilers, this is potentially a helpful extra step to take in keeping their secrets for month at a time (here’s looking at you, Marvel Studios).


On the other hand, scripts and call sheets going completely digital also increase the risk of any kind of electronic hacking. Fans are getting not only smarter, but more persistent when trying to find out plot lines and major spoilers for films long before they release, and this could also mean that major studios will have to look into new and more advanced security measures to stop leaks.

Don’t be surprised to see Marvel invest in some kind of Netflix-level security going forward where screenshots are blacked out when attempted. Regardless of how the details work themselves out, it’s going to be a new era in Hollywood, and for all of us. Hopefully this will help things return to some semblance of normal in the near future.


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