Michael Keaton In Early Talks To Appear As Batman In The Flash Movie

After 30 years, Michael Keaton is reportedly in talks to return to the DC movie world as Batman by way of the ever-upcoming The Flash movie.
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Robert Pattinson may have some Dark Knight competition in the form of Michael Keaton.

“YOU WANNA GET NUTS? Let’s get nuts!” That was one of the lines famously uttered by Michael Keaton in the 1989 hit Batman. After 30 years, Keaton is reportedly in talks to return to the DC movie world by way of the ever-upcoming The Flash movie.


The negotiations are in the early stages – so while the news is exciting for fans, it isn’t a done deal yet. Here’s hoping it goes well! Keaton’s last film appearance as the Dark Knight was in 1992’s Batman Returns, but he also reprised the role for a television cameo which ironically paves the way for this new film appearance.

Michael Keaton’s Batman Meets The Flash

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The plot of The Flash movie is set to introduce viewers to the movie version of the multiverse. It will showcase familiar heroes and people living in different worlds, after small or large events shifted the earth in various ways. In this particular case, the event might be trying to save the life of Nora Allen.

It looks like while Keaton’s return as Bruce Wayne happens in this movie, The Batman movie with Robert Patterson as the title character will not be messed with. That movie will still be considered as the future of the DC movie franchise.

DC has already introduced the idea of the multiverse, though it was threatened when the CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover premiered. In that, we saw the world that Keaton’s Wayne lived in and still fought crime as the caped crusader.

The miniseries also confirmed that the movie universe of characters like Wonder Woman and The Flash are in the Arrowverse (a loving nickname for the DC superhero shows that air on the CW network). The event even brought Ezra Miller’s version of Barry Allen face to face with Grant Gustin, who plays the character on the CQ show. This interaction was one of the many highlights of the five part event.

When Keaton debuted on screen as Batman, it completely shook up the way we see comic book movies and introduced a fresh and dark look at the character. It was a complete 180-degree turn from the Batman TV series in the 60s with Adam West, and the various super friends animated shows that included Batman. Keaton’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne also help portray the two sides of Batman, with Keaton’s comedic knowledge helping in scenes like the introduction of Wayne’s romantic love interest Vicki Vale, played by Kim Basinger.

The Flash movie may pull a move made by Brian Singer when he worked on Superman Returns in 2007. Singer made the plot follow the previous films, Superman and Superman II, while ignoring the 3rd and 4th entries of that franchise. The Flash will look at Keaton’s Batman after the events of Batman Returns, and will not include Batman Forever or Batman and Robin.

The Flash will be using the DC Comic event “Flashpoint,” which involved the Flash traveling through time to stop his mother’s death and the ensuing ripple effect his choice had on all of the DC characters. One of the changes was Bruce Wayne dying instead of his parents, leading to a messed up scenario where Thomas became Batman and Martha became the Joker. In the movie, Barry will accidentally will create a universe protected by Keaton’s Batman, who is now 30 years older.

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