Digimon Adventure 2020 series: Has Anything Changed From Past To Present

The Digimon franchise has slowly emerged back on to our screens with Digimon games returning to the West and Digimon Adventure movies even appearing after so long to feed our starved Digital cravings. This has lead to the franchise growing once more with Digimon Adventure returning as an epic series many will remember in their childhood.

However, this series may seem similar and many may have expected the show to have the same story unfold with a fresh art-style but much more has “digivolved” than just the updated look.

The Differences Between the Original and the Reboot

With the first few episodes released, there is a clear difference in the 2020 story compared to the original 1999 release. For those who are not familiar with the original, the story follows 7 kids, later known as the Digidestined, who are suddenly transported to a mysterious island, where they meet their own partner Digimon and try to find a way back home.

However, they must try to survive both their situation as well as the aggressive Digimon that seeks to harm them. The first episode of the new 2020 series straight away shows that the story has gone in a different direction with the show starting in Tai’s apartment and home town and only a select few characters being introduced and seen at the start.

While the original seems to focus on being a mystery orientated storyline, the new series focuses on being an action-packed thriller where the dangers of the digital world are, currently, having a devastating effect on the real world. The change made gives the show more dynamic combat scenes that are now the shows focus in each episode.

Although the episodes may start with the real world, there is no way to predict whether the real world will always be apart of each episode. The original series setting was almost was entirely the Digital World so there may be a point where this will happen again but the fun will be finding out if it happens.


The show’s pace with revealing various characters and elements to the show has shown very earlier in the first few episodes that the sequence has been altered. The use of the Crests unique to each Digidestined kid appearing so early than in the previous story concept is a big giveaway to this change.

In the previous season, the Crests were used to allow a Digimon to Digivolve past their Champion stage but now their lore has been changed so that they are no longer a separate upgrade but instead be embedded in their Digivice as the key to causing digivolution in general and their signature special attacks.

There is no telling what other changes have been made but with the change made to the original Digivice, it makes sense that other features and as well as the lore have been changed along with it.

Changes to the Villians

The foes in the series have had some changes as well with new Digimon entering the series as the obvious foe but still, there are wild Digimon that the kids must face that may be evil or just hungry and animalistic in nature. Whether will see some of the big villains of the original series is yet to be clear but it will definitely be completely different from the original series.

The original series also had Black gears that made good Digimon evil but so far they have yet to make an appearance so whether this will be part of the show later or the new Digimon has replaced them, has yet to be confirmed.


So with all these big differences made in the first few episodes, watching this new season of Digimon will be a completely different adventure than before. Fans will surely be surprised about the way this new series’ events unfold and will surely look forward to what will debut next.

Official Digimon Adventure (2020) Synopsis

In the year 2020, a series of cyber-attacks across Tokyo are the result of catastrophic events in another world within the internet, the Digital World, where creatures called Digimon roam. While getting ready for summer camp, eight children are transported to the Digital World where they acquire Digivices and Digimon partners while learning that they have been chosen to stop the unknown threats to their worlds.

digimon adventure

Digimon Adventures (2020) is now available on Crunchyroll.

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