Why Hasbro should Reboot Big Bad Beetleborgs


Big Bad Beetleborgs is a fantastic superhero series that should be rebooted by Hasbro. The brand is currently entering a new era for the Power Rangers Franchise, which includes their partnership with Netflix. Beetleborgs and VR troopers were included in the deal when Power Rangers was purchased from Saban Entertainment, and so far, the focus has been on creating a Ranger Universe. Along with VR Troopers, Big Bad Beetleborgs has unlimited potential, and here are the reasons why Hasbro should reboot this iconic Toku show.  

‘The Mutants’ Are Getting Ready To Make Massive Movements In The MCU


It’s officially the week of SDCC, and that can only mean that we’ll be getting a taste of the treats MCU has in store for us. However, many know that we have been on Mutant watch since we heard the sweet melody of the original 90’s X-men theme appear when Sir Patrick Stewart reprised his role as Charles Xavier in Doctor Strange Multiverse Of Madness. Of course, one thing to note is that the character looked perfectly plucked from the 90’s classic animated series, down from the yellow hover chair to the satin green jacket adorned with the traditional blue striped tie.  Read all about it here.