The Power Rangers Lightning Collection Now has A BIG Scaling Problem

Some people have already started to get their King Sphinx and Pumpkin Rapper Lightning Collection figures and fans have started to notice a glaring issue with the size of these figures compared to the rest in the collection.

These new monster figures are significantly taller than most of the other figures in the collection and look quite odd when placed next to each other as pointed out by DesignINcase on Twitter.

The Twitter users showed the monster figures next to the other rangers in the line as well as Goldar and the Legacy Collection Red Ranger figure.

The Lightning Collection Monster Verdict

Next to the Rangers, these Monster figures look pretty awesome. The monsters in the show were always supposed to be a bit taller than the Rangers. Posing them next to Goldar will be the biggest issue.

Next to Goldar whom you would think would be around the same size as the other monsters, he is noticeably shorter than the other monster figures.

Who knows, maybe they can release Goldar for the third time and make him in line with the other Lightning Collection monster figures.

lightning collection monster problem

What are your thoughts on the Lightning Collection monster figures? Does the size bother you or will you be buying them regardless? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to come back to The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news and updates in the future.



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