Ranger Thanksgiving Special: Food in Power Rangers

As a Thanksgiving special, one topic that has never been discussed, but always mentioned, in the Power Rangers fandom is food. From the beginning, Power Rangers has always had a special connection with food and this connection can be seen in many seasons, from the first season to even Beast Morphers. The franchise has always had great action, showed off amazing powers and technology, and has also promoted exercise and keeping fit, but one feature in the show that isn’t often highlighted is the iconic food.

Every show has always involved food in some form, This even includes a special sci-fi machine that could artificially create food, which could be seen in shows like Power Rangers In Space and Power Rangers HyperForce. However, the most desired meals were those created by the venues that featured in specific seasons.

Here are the main foods and venues that appeared in the Power Rangers universe:

Angel Grove Youth Center – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers Turbo

The Youth Center was one of the first venues that debuted in Power Rangers. The venue was run by Ernie and featured various kinds of foods from unique shakes to full meals and even hosted various events, including a world food day that ended up being turned into a food fight. Many can remember the various foods that were in different episodes. The first being the spinach juice ordered by Jason in the very first episode, the giant “Ernie special” dessert ordered by Zack, loads of different cakes, and other items that appear in the show over time.


The Angel Grove Surf Spot – Power Rangers in Space

Mainly named the Surf Spot, this location for food first appeared in Power Rangers In Space and suddenly replaced the Youth Center from the previous seasons. The venue is run by Adele Fergus, who is played by Alma Wright, and her signature food was the fries. Said to be irresistible, it’s unclear what the difference is between average fries and Adelle’s fries, but it’s likely many fans craved them when first introduced.

Jungle Karma Pizza – Power Rangers Jungle Fury

power rangers jungle karma pizza

This pizza joint has been a destination many fans wanted to visit for its unique, and sometimes unusual, pizzas. Owned by RJ, the Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger, the other rangers worked at the restaurant while there was no imminent threat from Dai Shi. Fran, one of the friends of the Rangers, also suggested the idea of a Chocolate with anchovies pizza, which didn’t get past the testing phase, however, RJ did take a liking to the flavor so it’s unclear whether it made it on to the menu.

Ernie’s BrainFreeze – Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce

This venue was a frozen yogurt store located within the Harwood County Mall. There weren’t any specific or unusual flavors that were shown in the season(s), but the dessert was given the nickname “Fro Yo” for short. Due to the 20th anniversary, Megaforce had a lot of similarities to the first Original show including having its very own ‘Ernie’. The location was a common hang out for both the Megaforce season and the Super Megaforce season that followed.

Dino Bite Cafe – Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge

This classic cafeteria was themed as a Dinosaur restaurant at the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum and hosted various food. The main item on the menu was the Bronto Burger and was the favorite food of Koda, The Dino Charge Blue Ranger. After the events of the Dinosaurs returning, it’s unclear whether the restaurant still exists within the Zoo that took the Museum’s place but it would be interesting to learn if anything changed in the menu.

Special Mention – Piggy’s Restaurant – Power Rangers SPD

Although you’d never want to eat there, Piggy’s Restaurant was frequently visited by The SPD Rangers. Piggy started the business when he was lucky enough to find a lottery ticket in the trash. Piggy was befriended by Elizabeth “Z” Delgado, before she became the Yellow Ranger, and ended up becoming an unwilling informant to both the Rangers and Emperor Grumm.


The food served was all based on what Piggy loved, old, and bad food that others would discard or throw away. This includes Garbage Can Surprise, Sock soup, and drinks such as Portaloo Princess and Spinning in the Drain. This is not food that anyone would consume but there were extraterrestrials on Earth that enjoyed the same food as Piggy.

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Bryn Darby

Bryn Darby

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