The Mandalorian Chapter 15 Review “The Believer”

"The Believer" is a deftly crafted episode with great characterization and action sequences that doesn't feel like The Mandalorian's penultimate S2 episode.

“The Believer,” directed by Rick Famuyiwa, is a deftly crafted episode with great characterization for Din Djarin and for Bill Burr’s Migs Mayfield, not to mention crisp action sequences. However, it just doesn’t have the feel of a penultimate episode in The Mandalorian‘s sophomore season.


This may be one of the cleanest episodes, on a production value and design basis, of the entire series. The jungle refinery world of Morak looked great, which is a testament to the amazing feats that ILM’s Stagecraft technology is capable of.


The action sequences onboard the rhydonium transports were very well directed and composed. It really felt like something pulled straight from Indiana Jones.

Character Growth In The Mandalorian Chapter 15

The best moments were the scene shared between Mando, Mayfield, and ISB Officer Valin Hess (played by Game of Thrones’ Night King actor, Richard Brake) in the refinery mess hall. Mando was forced to remove his helmet to access the Imperial terminal, and Pascal’s uneasy performance show’s how vulnerable he feels without the guise of his helmet.

We learn a lot about the ideology of the Imperial remnant and its commanding forces. The reestablishment effort of the Empire is about asserting order, and they are fueled by that doctrine of rule. Bill Burr does a great job in balancing the comedic side of Mayfield, with also the somber tone of a man who greatly regrets the things he has done in the past in the name of the Empire.

the mandalorian - chapter 15
Things got tense in The Mandalorian Chapter 15, when Mando was forced to remove his helmet, for the sake of the mission

Also, who didn’t love Boba Fett’s use of the seismic charge to take out those two TIEs? Perhaps, the most satisfying sound in all of Star Wars.

While this was a very well executed episode, it just didn’t feel like the end of the season. Last season, the penultimate episode was very much a two parter with the finale on Nevarro, so I’m just hoping that next week’s finale does not feel crammed or too rushed. Hopefully it’s two hours long! Here’s my bold prediction: I don’t think Mando and his crew are going to succeed in rescuing Grogu, and that cliffhanger is going to keep audiences on the edge of their seats for the next year until we get Season 3 next December.

What did you guys think of “The Believer?” Are expectations sky high for The Mandalorian Season 2 finale next Friday? Let us know your thoughts on the newest episode!



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