One Piece Reveals the Key to Saving Wano

As One Piece continues with the Wano Country Arc, the series reveals the key to saving the rebellion.
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As One Piece continues with the Wano Country Arc, the series’ momentum begins to show signs that the climax is near as the episodes intensify more and more.


As fans may know, the current foe is the Kaido’s crew, who have shown little weakness against their enemies. Although in the most recent chapter of One Piece, it was revealed to fans how victory for Wano’s rebellion may be possible against Kaido’s crew even with their overwhelming strength.

What Needs To Happen In One Piece

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Currently, Two Yonko are being taken on by Luffy and the Worst Generation after Oden’s samurai fell to the behemoths. For now, the crew with the greatest chance of victory is Kaido’s, however, it appears that the odds will shift due to a newcomer vowing to change the tide of battle. It is also clear that the new One Piece opponent is one that the Beast Pirates will not see coming.

The recent issue began with a visit from Tama, and she has chosen to make her stand at Onigashima. Not only does she believe that she can help her friends win, but her power to create a unique ‘Dango’ does make her extremely likely to succeed. This is because any animal that consumes her Dango will become tamed by her and obey her every request. This may also include anyone that is part animal, which they may be after eating ‘SMILE’, the artificial Zoan devil fruit. With the help of Speed, the Beast Pirates are falling in line with Tama because her ability gives them no choice.

The headliner has started giving out the ‘dango’, that Tama creates, to her peers and the Sifters. This group is not only often the most powerful but makes up a large portion of Kaido’s crew. Because of Tama’s ability, once they have eaten Tama’s dango, they cannot help but follow her orders.

In the One Piece manga, you can see the plan in effect when Tama directs a group of them to help Franky. Nami and Usopp are shocked by the change of allegiance as well as the Tobi Roppo that are present. They quickly figure out this unexpected turn of events is due to someone on Luffy’s side, but they have yet to discover that the one responsible is Tama.

With her ability, most of Kaido’s crew are now vulnerable. The main threat to Kaido is that the more beasts she coerces to her team, the less manpower the crew has. If his numbers continue to drop too low, Wano’s rebellion will stand a chance in this war.

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