Zenkaiger: New 6th Ranger, Changer, and Ranger Gears Revealed!

Zenkaiger has new releases surfacing online, allowing fans to finally get to see the new Changer for the show’s 6th Ranger.

Zenkaiger has new releases surfacing online, allowing fans to finally get to see the new Changer for the show’s 6th Ranger.

As many fans have seen, the new Ranger that will join the team has already been established to be a Gold ranger, which will represent Gokaiger for the 35th Anniversary series.


The name of this new ranger is Twokaizer, and not only has their morpher or changer has surfaced, but so has the first look of this ranger in the form of his toy figure.

Zenkaiger’s Big Reveal

Zenkaiger Gold Ranger Toy

Zenkaiger is the 45th anniversary Super Sentai series, which also doublees as a celebrations of past teams. Unlike Gokaiger, Zenkaiger focuses on the mecha and megazords featured in these shows along with their overall themes.

So far, Zenkaizer and his robotic rangers are the characters primarily on the show but fans were looking forward to when new rangers joined the ranks.

Each ranger represents a specific mecha and theme seen in Super Sentai over the years while the others are currently just represented as special powers in basic gears. The Rangers currently in the show represent the following;
Zenkaizer (Kaito) = Gorenger and J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai. The first and second Sentai series, which doesn’t have a mecha like later shows.

Zenkai Juran = The 16th series of Super Sentai, Zyuranger’s Daizyuzin
Zenkai Gaon = The 25th series of Super Sentai, Gaoranger’s Gaoking
Zenkai Magine = The 29th series of Super Sentai, Magiranger’s MagiKing
Zenkai Vroon = The 30th series of Super Sentai, Boukenger’s DaiBouken

Zenkaiger Changer

Firstly, the new figure that will be released gives fans a first look at what Twokaizer looks like. This Gold Ranger will be based on the 35th season, Gokaiger’s Gokai-Oh. These features are minor compared to others like Juran and Gaon as Twokaizer does has a design more similar to Zenkaizer. The helmet is the main part of the suit that inherited Gokai-Oh’s appearance, along with his own shield and gear design. Some fans may even see the design to be similar to the Gokai keys or even AbaKiller from Abaranger.

The second item shown is the Geardalinger, which is the main transformation device of Twokaizer. The changer is similar in design to the main changer, the geartlinger, for the core team, however, it is more of a pistol design that has the ability to change in to a dagger. It also has gear based pirate helm wheel attached to the side instead of the handle seen on the geartlinger. What is also interesting is that the gears need to be inserted on the other side of the changer.

The third item shown is such a exciting preview, which is because it is not just a release for the belt that Twokaizer has, but also shows there are two new robot rangers that may debut as well. The belt is a red version of the gear storage belt that Zenkaizer has, which comes with the two new ranger gears much like the previous version that was released.

We have yet to get a preview of what these rangers will look like and we have yet to find out their names. These are likely to be Kikainoid ranger, like the four that are with Zenkaizer, and will be based on the following;

New Blue/Navy Ranger = The 19th series of Super Sentai, Ohranger’s
New Red/Crimson Ranger = The 33rd series of Super Sentai, Shinkenger’s

The great part about these new rangers is that they not only represent popular shows, but also represent different themes. With Ohranger’s Ancient theme, Shinkenger’s Samurai Warrior theme, combine with the pirate theme for Goakiger, there is a lot to be excited for in the future of Zenkaiger.

Naturally, it is likely these new Rangers will come with unique weapons and even zords modes. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long until we these new additions have their debut. It’s likely we will have our 6th ranger around the 15th episode, followed by the others, but we will have to wait and see.

Will you be getting these new items from Zenkaiger? Have you been enjoying Zenkaiger so far? What do you think of Twokaizer and the two new Kikainoid rangers? Let us know in the comments or on social media and stay tuned to the Illuminerdi for more Zenkaiger and Super Sentai news.


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