Invincible Season 1 Episode 6 Review: You Look Kinda Dead

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After the space antics of last episode, season 1 episode 6 of Invincible stays Earthbound but remains ever entertaining. 

Of the episodes so far, this one, entitled “You Look Kinda Dead,” is the lightest in terms of overall story progression but still immensely fun in that unique Invincible kind of way.


Let’s get into the episode below.

Invincible Comes Alive

invincible 106

While Monster Girl and Black Sampson are hanging by a thread at the hospital, Mark has recovered enough to travel with best friend William to a university so he can shack up with his boyfriend Rick for the weekend.  Whilst there, Mark and Amber start to mend their relationship and discuss applying there, but an attack by a robot causes Mark to hero up again, causing more complications with Amber.

Meanwhile, Eve decides she’s forgoing college in lieu of becoming a more full-time superheroine.  Leaving her parents behind, Eve sets up a bungalow for herself out in the woods and goes about helping the greater world.

You Look Kinda Dead has a slightly less serious tone than previous episodes, which is fitting given the plotline.  It was nice to see William get some development after being mostly relegated to the comic relief best friend role, and the snapshot we get with Eve and her parents hints there’s greater depth to be mind from her backstory in the future. 

This show is continuing to nail the human side of being a superhero, making me just as, if not more engaged by their alter egos as I am in their heroic bouts.  We get a small subplot with Nolan and Debbie that feels a bit by the wayside, but the main thrust of the story is thankfully on the university campus.

Those who enjoy the action of this show need not worry, there’s plenty of it here.  It’s gory as usual, but thankfully the animators know how far to push said gore in every encounter so it feels appropriate rather than needlessly shocking (though the juxtaposition between the bright color palate and the bloody sequences continues to work swimmingly). 

We get more set-up for events down the line, but I’m hoping the show can continue balancing its many plot threads for the remainder of the season rather than become overstuffed narratively.  It’s holding steady now, but we have a good enough number of balls in the air now and I’d rather the show didn’t overstretch itself.

Despite that minor concern, season 1 episode 6 of Invincible is an enjoyable romp and breather from the heavier stuff the show has served us thus far.  The action is engaging and well-staged as ever, the voice-work is strong, and the drama remains grounded and focused.  All in all, Invincible is living up to its name at this point.  Hopefully it stays the course.  See it on Amazon Prime.

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