Are You OK: Chinese Anime Blends Present and Past With Great Action & Comedy

You Yao, known as Are You OK?, is a Chinese drama that explores time travel with plenty of action and comedy to enjoy. Watch it now on iQIYI!
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The Chinese anime Are You OK? is a comedy-based series with a great amount of action featuring people from the present somehow appearing in the past. It’s currently available on the streaming platform iQIYI.

Even though it seems to be a light-hearted story, there is a lot of conflict and political fiction occurring for anime fans. The show uses a 3D animation style that same fans may not prefer, but it’s a brilliant anime production worth watching and even uses 2D anime elements in certain scenes.


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Welcome To The World Of You Yao (Are You OK)

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Are You OK? may be a simple name but the contents of the show is far from it. The series is centered around the concept of modern-aged civilians, who are somehow being reincarnated in to bodies of different people of the Chinese imperial age. These ‘Travelers’, that come from a different time zone, may be reborn in to warriors who have just lost their life. Unfortunately, they may also find themselves dealing with the consequences of the life the body used to live. Within this early era, conflict amongst warriors and armies is common occurrence as the country has yet to stabilize.

As a result of the times, warriors only use swords and bows in Are You OK? due to the lack of development in technology so far. However, seeing this generation try to implement a elevator is both brilliant and hilarious as when you first see it’s operated by cyclists in a open room of the building.

This is because your first impression is that it may a gym exercise class, until you see the floor level sign appear when the attendant in the elevator tugs at a labelled cord. There are many modern culture elements that have been fused in to the era, which makes it interesting to watch as it makes some concepts seen silly, despite people being used to them in modern times.

With all these changes made in society of the past, it does make you question the continuity of Are You OK?‘s timeline. However, it does give the show a ‘Isekai Anime’ vibe when you consider all the lores included.

The vital part of Are You OK? is how the changes made by ‘Travelers’ have caused changes in the Factions within the land. This shapes the story of the protagonists and the events that unfold, with ‘travelers’ being most renown due to their new position given to them for their knowledge.

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