Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid New Expansion Includes HyperForce Green and the Titanium Ranger

The first full preview for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Allies Pack #2 has been officially released. The box art shows exactly what Rangers the game will include, which also adds Power Ranger exclusives, HyperForce Green, and the Titanium Ranger. The new expansion is one of the new additions to the Table-top game that will join the new Kickstarter.

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is a Table-top Role-playing game that first began as a Kickstarter project. The game was a complete success and included cards, unique dice, and even miniature figures. There have been many expansions since the release of the base game, featuring the MMPR team, however, they have added many different Ranger teams, villains, and extras since then. One of the most significant releases being the Shattered Grid expansion, which included Comic book original characters and HyperRPG’s HyperForce.

The most exciting addition to the pack is the fact that it includes HyperForce Green, who has only been seen in the Table-top RPG, as well as a cameo appearance in the comics. Like the Hypeforce Rangers, this 6th ranger has never been in the live-action shows, however, since this Ranger was introduced late, it also hasn’t had much time in the spotlight. The same goes for his zord as its only appearance is one image seen in the HyperRPG series.


The Titanium Ranger is also a huge addition to the game as this is another Power Rangers exclusive that was never in Super Sentai. Part of the Lightspeed Rescue team, this was a 6th ranger created since the series adaptation didn’t have 6 Rangers. The Max Solarzord was originally in the Sentai but never belonged to a specific ranger.

The Silver Space Ranger is also included in this expansion, which completes the In Space Ranger team. With the other 5 Rangers found in a previous expansion release. With these Rangers are also three 6th Ranger that made the debut on the game for their respective series.

Various characters for this pack were revealed in the live streams of Renegade Studios, but certain rangers only had teaser previews. The previews included a green weapon that turns out to belong to the 6th HyperForce Ranger.

What’s in the Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Allies Pack #2?

The new Allies pack #2 includes the following:

5 Rangers:

  • Joe Shih – HyperForce Green
  • Zhane – Silver Space Ranger
  • Ryan Mitchell – Titanium Ranger
  • Cameron Wantanabe – Green Samurai Ranger
  • Robert “RJ” James – Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger

 5 Zord Cards:

  • Hydra Hyper Zord
  • Mega Winger
  • Max Solarzord
  • Samurai Star Chopper
  • Wolf Animal Spirit

1 Megazord Card:

  • Lightspeed Solarzord
Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid

The campaign for this pack, along with other new expansions, will be live 22nd of June on Renegade Game Studios’s Kickstarter Page.

What do you think of the new Allied #2 Expansion? Are you excited for the Titanium Ranger and HyperForce Green? How many of the packs have you collected for the game? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news.



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