Renegade Game Studios Reveals Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Expansion

Renegade Game Studios brings a new addition to the Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Tabletop RPG: the Rangers United! Expansion.
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Renegade Game Studios brings a new addition to the Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Tabletop RPG: the mor-phenomenal Rangers United! Expansion pack.

Following the Shattered Grid expansion, featuring comic-exclusive characters, the new expansion brings the latest Boom! Studios’ creations outside of the comics. Renegade Game Studios brings the Omega Rangers, and the Purple Solar Ranger, with their own figures, plus also debuts characters from Power Rangers Beast Morphers.


This will make the first appearance of the Omega Rangers, and Ellarien the Solar Ranger, outside of the comic platform. This is an amazing debut for fans since more content of this team will be available to enjoy. Aside from official helmets and fan-made cosplay, both the Purple Solar Ranger and the Omega Rangers have not had a live-action adaptation, however, this expansion does allow fans to roleplay these Rangers within the game.

Renegade Game Studios Introduces More Heroes of the Grid

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Omega Rangers includes Red Ranger Jason, Yellow Ranger Trini, and Black Ranger Zack in their Omega Ranger forms. Using their element alchemy-themed powers will certainly be a thrill for players in this game. The new expansion will also include their Omega Zords, which makes it an extra special debut.

Ellarien was first included in the Beyond the Grid story arc in the comics, and was seen to be an extremely powerful survivor, in a world that did not have the Morphin Grid as fans know it. As the Solar Ranger, players will be able to use both her powers, and her Zord, for the first time in a table-top experience. There were also other Solar Rangers, but it has yet to be known if they will also join the game too. However, most of the Rangers that were featured in story arc have been seen in other packs in their non-Solar Ranger forms, including the Ranger Slayer, Red Space Ranger, and the latest addition, The Green Samurai Ranger.

Rangers United also includes the Beast Morphers team, Devon, Ravi, and Zoey as the Red, Blue, Yellow Beast Morpher Rangers, respectively. Using their beast-infused powers, players will surely get a thrill playing as one of the latest teams in the Power Rangers Live-action show. Their Beast-X Zords and Megazord are also included in this expansion. Hopefully, the next expansion releases will contain the Gold and Silver Rangers to complete the team.

The villains in this expansion will be great worthy foes as the Beast Morpher contribution includes cyber-villains Blaze and Roxy, and their henchman, the Tronics. Blaze and Roxy were originally to become Rangers until the Evox Virus created their evil avatars, which makes them highly trained opponents worthy of facing. In a way, Roxy and Blaze are a form of Dark Rangers, which along with many others, make epic fights possible.

Two other villains included are the near-invincible Darkonda, from Power Rangers In-space, and the cold, calculating, comic-exclusive villain, Dayne.

Darkonda was a double-crossing, galactic foe that caused a great deal of danger for the Space Rangers, including being the one that Kidnapped Karone, who then became Astronema, when she was a young child. Dayne is the same species as Doggie, the SPD shadow Ranger, and his intelligence and skills make him a deadly opponent, as he was when facing against the rangers in the comics.

These villains are led by the delusional Omega Blue Ranger, Kiya, who believes that the Power Rangers must be eradicated for the good of the universe. She was originally part of the Omega Ranger team until the negative effects of the Morphin Grid cause her to lose her mind. She is the Boss character in this expansion and is the one that is uniting these villains together for the story featured in the pack.

The four new Renegade Game expansions available in this Kickstarter campaign includes:

Rangers United!

Dino Thunder Pack

renegade game - dino thunder

Ranger Allies Pack #2

renegade game - ranger allies

Villain Pack #4: Dark Turn.

renegade game - villain pack

The Kickstarter also includes THREE exciting promos which are:

Ranger Dice Set #2

Green Samurai Ranger: Super Samurai Mode Figure, and

the Zord Pack #1

These new expansions, along with the Rangers United! Pack, will certainly make a massive difference to the game and the experience fans will receive. It is certainly an exciting time for Heroes of the Grid fans, so if you can get your hands on this set, it will be worth the purchase. If you wish to contribute to the Kickstarter and receive these packs, or even get the base game too, using the following Link.

What do you think of the Rangers United! Expansion from Renegade Game Studios? Have you got Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid yet? What expansions do you currently have for the game? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for epic Power Ranger news.



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