Bully Ray Tells Eddie Kingston To Not Talk About WWE After Promo

Bully Ray gives AEW wrestler Eddie Kingston some friendly advice consisting of “shut the f–k up and stay in his lane” after Kingston’s promo trashes WWE.
Bully Ray

Bully Ray gives AEW wrestler Eddie Kingston some friendly advice consisting of “shut the f–k up and stay in his lane” after Kingston’s promo trashes WWE.

As AEW Saturday Night Dynamite went off the air Kingston cut a promo while in the ring. The promo caused a lot of heat, controversy and criticism as it seemed to call out WWE.

Bully Ray Speaks Out

Bully Ray responded to the promo on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio and had some harsh criticism of Kingston and his promo, even though he is a huge fan of Kingston’s mic skills.

AEW Eddie Kingston

“I love Eddie Kingston to death,” Bully Ray said. “If we were having promo wars and I was the captain of the team and somebody said, ‘You get to pick one person to do the promo for you,’ I’d most likely pick Eddie, because of his believability, his tone, his inflection, everything about Eddie. Obviously, we kind of sound alike, so I appreciate Eddie’s delivery the same way I appreciate Taz’s delivery, Taz, another master on the stick.

“But in this case, Eddie Kingston needs to shut the f–k up and stay in his lane. And his lane is as an AEW guy speaking about AEW and flying the flag for AEW; then I’m completely on board. Tell me about how great AEW is, fly the flag for your company, show me that you wear your heart on your sleeve. Tell me why that you were an indie guy for the majority of your career. Now this company took a chance on you, and you have learned to love it and everything about it. Now I’m on board, Eddie, but to take the easy way out and knock the WWE.

“Because if you go back and you listen to the fans, they really didn’t pop that hard when he took a jab at the WWE. He didn’t get the reaction you were looking for because people are most likely thinking, ‘Alright, Eddie, let’s stay away from them. There’s no reason to go there.’ If Cody wants to destroy a throne, I get it. If Jericho wants to say, Eff you, I got it. Eddie, why? There’s no reason for Eddie to say it.” H/T To WrestleZone For Transcription

WWE Isn’t The Only Competition

I don’t completely agree with Bully Ray for two reasons. The first is Kingston never said WWE or alluded to or referenced WWE in any way.  He just said “the other channel” or “the competition.” This could mean IMPACT, NJPW, ROH or Joe Blow’s Backyard Wrasslin’. Of course WWE is one of many competition promotions, but not everything is about WWE.


The second thing is Kingston was talking about how much he loves AEW and how much better they are than the competitors. I don’t understand how that isn’t “flying the flag for AEW.” I think Kingston could have and probably should have talked about how great AEW is without trashing other promotions. The strength of his promo starts to weaken when it becomes about trashing others.  

Bully Ray

I do agree with Bully Ray when he said that trashing WWE should come from Cody and Chris Jericho or guys like that not from Kingston. They had a long history with WWE and most people know them from WWE especially in Cody’s case.  

I’ll link Kingston promo below so you can see it for yourself. Did he go too far with his promo? Should he have not trash talked or should he have said WWE directly? Do you think Bully Ray should mind his own business? Or was he right to call out Kingston? Don’t be like the competition and not leave a comment below because we want to hear from you. 


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