Renegade’s Power Rangers: Day Of Destiny Episode 1 Review

renegade - day of destiny review

The first episode of Renegade Studios’ Power Rangers: Day Of Destiny has aired, during the Renegade Con Virtual Special Edition Livestream. This show was created to debut and demonstrate the new Power Rangers Role-playing Game made by Renegade Studios. The first episode is one of many that will feature on Play Renegade, the company’s Twitch Stream platform.

Day of Destiny is a new Table-top Role-playing Game series has similarities the Power Rangers Hyperforce show by HyperRPG. The most important differences are that the show isn’t canon to the TV series, doesn’t feature original Rangers, and is played with a brand-new table-top system.


The new Power Rangers Tabletop Game is much more complex than the Hyperforce system seen in HyperRPG’s show. A lot more dice are used and D20’s are a main feature, much like most TTRPG systems. There are also dice-based modifiers, which adds to a players roll, meaning that a player may roll 3 or more dice based on the actions they are taking.

Renegade Revives Power Rangers With Day of Destiny

renegade - day of destiny

Much like a RPG class, each character has proficiencies with different skills, such as tech, gymnastics, and more. Based on the level they have with a specific skill, they get different dice to add to their role. This adds an extra layer of anticipation to the game as success parameters are set within a greater range. There are also negative modifiers to roll that are set by the GM, which could be used due to a previous bad roll and even character phobias.

The story for Renegade’s Day of Destiny is the Game Master’s own version of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Dustin Fletcher, the GM, has clearly planned out the story in the first episode, however, has yet to show whether this series will have as much improv as Hyperforce. The story is set in modern-day Angel Grove and includes scenes at the College and even an Arcade, with VR and Go-karting. Although, the Rangers don’t morph in the first episode, its fun to explore new locations that have never been added before, plus the show even had Bulk and Skull involved in the beginning.

Going by Fletcher‘s description, Renegade’s concept seems to be influenced by the 2017 Power Rangers Movie. Features such as the underground hidden ship, the vocal similarities to Zordon of the 2017 movie, and the origin story relating to Lord Zedd and ‘general’ Rita Repulsa, give off the vibe that the 2017 Movie was a source of inspiration. The best voice of a NPC that Fletcher plays is certainly Zordon as the vocal effect is a perfect match to the movies and TV shows.

The cast of players are a excellent mix of personalities that make this team so compelling to watch. All characters are attending the Angel Grove College, which is a untapped variation of the High-schooler backstory we are used to seeing. Kate Wilson plays as Riley, who so far seems to be a very active and organized individual. She is set up as a female Black Mastodon Ranger and is one character that would be most interesting to see during combat.

Xander Jeanneret, and his character Kian, is perhaps the one that stands out most in the first episode. His pink hair does instantly catch your eye and is one viewers are most anticipated to see be the Pink Pterodactyl Ranger. As a Gamer, his skills are relevant to that category, however, Jeanneret does an amazing job interacting and involving all players in dialogue.

Erika Fermina gives off a similar vibe to Vesper from Hyperforce, which is due to her character, Samantha, being highly energetic. Being the Yellow Sabretooth Tiger Ranger will certain suit her perfectly, especially since her skills seen so far are focused around Gymnastics. One of the funny RPG moments so far include a teamwork move, involving Jeanneret and Erika, for Samantha to jump over the fence. This was funny because there was already a hole in the fence, which a player had already gone through, making the move unnecessary.

It’s very likely that the favourite of the first episode so far is Hernando. Nicknamed ‘HQ’, this character is played by Carlos Luna, who gives the character a geeky persona. Luna has delivered the majority of humour to the show, with his quick-wit and remarks. HQ is set up to be the Blue Triceratops Ranger and will certainly be one viewers will look forward to seeing in every episode. The highlight of the episode with HQ when the rangers get trapped within a cave beneath their feet.

Ahren Grey is the most puzzling characters as his character defies what many would associate as one with Leadership skills. Alec will be the Red Tyrannosaurus and will be the leader of the group. Alec could only be described as what happens when you combine Hyperforce’s Marv, played by Peter Sudarso, with 2017 Ranger Movie’s Billy, played by CJ Cyler. The character is nervous in nature, doesn’t seem to have great social skills, and seems to have an overbearing Mother. Alec will certainly be one to watch and see how much this character develops as the show progresses.

One unfortunate occurrence to the first episode is that Malika Lim Eubank didn’t make an appearance as a guest character. Originally, before the convention date was pushed to August, Malika was listed as a participating player, but was unable to attend the session. Since she was the Game Master of Hyperforce, it would have been great for fans to see a HyperRPG member participate. Hopefully, there will be another opportunity in later Renegade episodes.

The show is off to a great start as a variation for the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Its a shame that they don’t feature an original team of Rangers, however, since this is to demonstrate the new TTRPG, it will be fun to see how the show uses it.

If you wish to watch the first episode, head to the Play Renegade Twitch Channel using the Link.

If you wish to pre-order the Renegade Studio’s Power Rangers Table-top RPG for your own adventures, and even get different sets and dice, use the following Link.

What do you think of Renegade’s Day Of Destiny? Are you looking forward to episode 2? Will you be getting the Table-top RPG system? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Ranger Hype.

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