Why Super Sentai And Power Rangers Originals Should Be Used In The Future Of The Brand

Should Power Rangers make their own Ranger seasons alongside Sentai adaptations?

As Power Rangers figures out where they’re heading for the franchise, many are wondering what they could possibly do in the future. Due to the split from the Toei contract, some viewers are worried about adaptations in the future, however, fans are also excited about the possibility of Hasbro creating original content. Aside from the comics, and even a Table-top RPG show, there have only been a few Power Rangers original Rangers within teams rather than a completely new Ranger series.

Power Rangers has always adapted Super Sentai content and reused the footage to create their own stories, with the arsenal and toys. The first Power Rangers original Ranger was seen in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, which was the Titanium Ranger.

This isn’t the first original Ranger in the shows as Jungle Fury also featured three Spirit Rangers based on Zords of the show. With newly created Ranger teams, such as the Solar Rangers and the Omega Rangers, it’s clear that new Rangers create a boom of excitement. Power Rangers HyperForce also excited fans as it featured new suits, Zords, and weapons, but it was also the first story sequel to a Power Rangers Team.

Even with the announcement about the contract ending, fans still want adaptations of every Ranger team in Sentai, including Kirameiger and Zenkaiger. Hopefully, this may be possible but even if Hasbro does, they have the years of experience with other franchises to create something that will go beyond what Super Sentai is currently doing.

Here are the following reasons why Hasbro should create new original Ranger shows, alongside adaptations:

Utilize Nostalgia with Sequels

It’s extremely common to see fans wanting the return of legendary actors that appeared as Rangers in past seasons. Power Rangers seasons have only done this once during Power Rangers Dino Thunder, with Jason David Frank’s Tommy returning as the show’s mentor. With the franchise, there are so many epic stand-alone ranger stories that could be continued, and proof that this concept could work was seen with Power Rangers HyperForce.

HyperForce featured a story that is a direct sequel to Power Rangers Time Force, with the adventure even using Time Travel better than the show before it. From new Rangers to new Zords, the TTRPG series left its mark on the franchise, and to this day, fans still want a season 2 to finish the story. If this much hype is created from a Table-top series, imagine what effect a live-action show, or animated series, would do.

Hasbro has the talent to make epic new teams

From Transformers to GI Joe, the franchises that Hasbro has been working with for many years could be seen as their portfolio of potential. This potential could be focused on Power Rangers that could make the start of a fresh new wave of toys and content.

If Boom! Studios and Peter Sudarso can make epic new ranger teams, then Hasbro could go beyond and even make Zords that break the Megazord mold. It could even completely defy the way things currently are by even leading to Super Sentai adapting a Power Rangers series if it’s irresistibly awesome.

Fans don’t want to miss out on Sentai content

Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger

Super Sentai has always appeared to be a Japanese-exclusive brand, whereas Power Rangers is more of a global franchise. Although it has seen voice-over adaptations in countries like South Korea, Toei has only made Kamen Rider more accessible recently and even stopped fan-subs for current Sentai shows.

This means it’s extremely difficult to be a Sentai fan in the west, meaning that sometimes, the only way to enjoy the new teams is by waiting for Power Rangers to adapt them. Hopefully, this will change, but fans have always got excited from seeing what Super Sentai is doing and daydreaming what it will turn into for Power Rangers.

Power Rangers could benefit from Multiple Platforms

The TV series is always going to be desired by fans since the platform is live-action and can tell an epic story using episodes. However, from an animated series to comic books, and even reusing the Table-top RPG format, there are many places where Power Rangers could have a new Ranger team debut. Movies may be better suited for content that already exists, due to the length of time, but other platforms can be a great place to create something new.

More than one piece of Power Rangers content to enjoy

Power Rangers Ninja Steel

Although fans’ opinions are divided about the run of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, not only did the show have an amazing cast, but so much content was released alongside it. This includes the start of the Boom! Studios comics and the first TTRPG show, HyperRPG’s Power Rangers HyperForce. Before, the franchise has never been on so many platforms at once, which meant that Power Rangers were in their prime.

These releases were in relation to the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers. With so much epic content to enjoy, fans always had something exciting to talk about. Hasbro could continue this by adding more original content while they create adaptations.

There are many paths that Power Rangers can follow but using both adaptions and creating new teams, could lead the franchise into a successful future. Fans are always going to want adaptations, but there is always room for something expected for viewers to enjoy at the same time.

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What do you think of Power Rangers adapting Sentai alongside original creations? Do you want to see new Rangers debut? Which original content has stood out to you in the past? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers content!



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