1st Look at Donbrothers Toys with stunning Debut In Zenkaiger


1st Wave of Donbrothers toy images give fans a preview of features in show. These images were posted on Twitter by fans, such as SentaiFive, have shown the various items to feature in the 46th Sentai series. This includes first look at the Zenkaiger Episode, the Ranger’s Changer and weapons, and their Sentai and Avataro Gears.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers is a team of 5 Rangers that are based on the Momotaro folktale. Despite the theme, they will also be representing past Sentai teams using Avataro Gears, much like Zenkaiger and Gokaiger.

The leader and Red Ranger of the team, Don Momotaro, will be appearing in an episode of Zenkaiger. Along with his debut will be the EnyaRideon, which will combine with Zenkai Juran to form the Don Zenkai Oh.

The following images show the episode of Zenkaiger that features the debut of Don Momotaro and the EnyaRideon.

Image of Don Momotaro and his weapon, The ZanglassSword, have also featured as a magazine image.

Seeing Don Momotaro in these shots already makes him look like a powerful warrior. Especially when you see him fighting against Barashitara, the Tojitendo general.

The release of the EnyaRideon also comes with the figure of Don Momotaro. Images of the toy and box can be seen below

This is a perfect set as you can pose this Ranger as if he is riding his bike mecha. This is a great option for fans as they can either enjoy playing with the set or even create a awesome display with both.

The box art for the EnyaRideon is also brilliant for collectors as it has stunning visuals. Fans also get a look at the new version of the Sentai Gear that comes with the robo, which combines the Avataro frame design with the Zenkai Gear center decoration. These gears will be different compared to the Avataro gears, which may also mean fans will need to collect two new sets.

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Fans will be able to purchase the EnyaRideon with or without Zenkai Juran, from Zenkaiger. So, if you haven’t got the Zenkai Oh Zyuran Gaon, you’ll be able to still have a way to get the zord for combining. A new Zenkaizer Sentai Gear appears to also be included in this set as seen below.

It will be a great first purchase for fans of the new Sentai. It also stands to reason that Zenkai Vroon could combine with the EnyaRideon, due to the set orientation that Juran also has. If you wish to see the toy, along with how it combines, take a look at the Bandai mania Youtube video showcasing the item with the following Link.

Donbrothers featured toys

As for the toys exclusive to Donbrothers, the first look at the Don Blaster and ZanglassSword have been shown via magazine images.

Don Blaster

The Don Blaster will be the main weapon of each Donbrothers Ranger, and will be the Morpher-based item of the series.

The design seems a lot different than fans expected as the colour scheme looks very toy-based. The way you insert the Avataro Gear does suggest that only the new version of Sentai Gears will be compatible with this changed. It also appears that the gun-based barrel will have a pop-out activation and the visor-based decoration lights up.

The Donblaster will only come with the Don Momotaro Avataro Gear, but will also come with a Zenkaizer Avataro Gear Alter.

Momo Buckle

The buckle that each Ranger of this series has can also be purchased.

Much like the belt in Zenkaiger, the appearance suggest it can store Gears like Zenkaizer’s version. The toy will also come with the other 4 Avataro Gears for the other Rangers.

Set of the Don Blaster and Momo Buckle will be available for fans who desire both.


This visor-looking weapon is the main weapon of Don Momotaro. Images of the toy can be seen below.

The ZanglassSword and Don Blaster seem reminiscent to the Gobusters Changers, which also has a visor as part of the design. The new weapon also seems to have a fixed Donbrothers gear decoration on it and has a light-up blade, which will be a dazzling rainbow effect along the edge of the weapon.

For all these products you may wish to obtain, check your favourite Toku Store or possibly on Amazon.

What do you think of the 1st Wave of Donbrothers Toys? Does this make you excited for Don Momotaro’s Zenkaifer debut? Are you hoping for a way to watch Donbrothers outside of Japan? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai.

SOURCE: SentaiFive


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