Sami Zayn Signs A New Contract With WWE

Sami Zayn has reportedly signed a new contract with WWE.
WWE Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn has reportedly signed a new contract with WWE.

Zayn’s previous contract had expired at the end of 2021, but according to Fightful Select via Wrestling Inc. WWE and Zayn have inked a new contract.  His previous contract was signed in 2018, but had time added because of an injury he suffered.  There has been no word as to how long this new contract will be.  The belief is he will be on the three-year contract several others including his best friend, Kevin Owens, have signed recently.


Sami Zayn has been said to be private about his contract negotiations, but WWE made it clear they wanted to have him stick around for at least a little bit longer.

WWE Sami Zayn
Courtesy Of WWE

Other Promotions Were Very Interested In Signing Sami Zayn

To no one’s surprise AEW was rumored to have some strong interest in signing Zayn if he decided to leave WWE or the negotiations fell through.  Another surprising wrestling promotion was rumored to be interested.  Ring Of Honor was rumored to be interested in re-signing him, but this was of course before they went on hiatus.

Sami Zayn is currently involved in a very heated feud with the one and only Johnny Knoxville for a payoff in the Royal Rumble match happening at the Royal Rumble PPV at the end of the month.  Currently Zayn is the number one contender for Shinsuke Nakamura’s Intercontinental Championship.  


There isn’t any word as to when this match will take place because Nakamura has been dealing with a hand injury.  To me it just sounds like yet another conspiracy against Zayn to prevent him from getting the Intercontinental Championship or maybe Nakamura is just scared of him.

I am happy Sami Zayn re-signed with WWE.  AEW is getting more and more crowded and anytime now they will be too full of talented wrestlers to give them the push they all deserve.  However,  WWE hasn’t really pushed him to his full potential either.

WWE Sami Zayn
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Sami Zayn Is Way Too Good To Be The Butt Of All The Jokes

If you watch Zayn’s indie matches especially against Owens or Kevin Steen on the indies his talent is really showcased.  I watched them because I wanted to see Owen’s indie stuff and was blown away by how good Zayn is.

Unfortunately, Sami Zayn has been used as the joke or a jester of sorts.  He is the guy getting beaten up or the guy who gets the pie in the face.  Don’t get me wrong he is good at the comedy stuff, but he is just as good at the straight up wrestling and very good on the mic.  I would really like to see him take on a more serious role and be given the chance to shine.  

Big E was also in a similar position where he was a joke and mostly did comedy stuff,  but of course Big E wasn’t the butt of the joke like Zayn always is.  They gave Big E a more serious push and has done well with it.  Now I would love to see Zayn put in the same position.

I think a good feud with Seth Rollins, Finn Balor or even Edge would be really good for him and showcase his skills, but unfortunately those are RAW Superstars.  Just not a feud with Owens for the millionth time.  A good feud with Nakamura where Zayn beats him clean would put a lot of eyes on him and push him in the right direction.

Are you happy Zayn re-signed with WWE?  Do you think he would have done better in AEW or in ROH?  Would you like to see Zayn given a good push or do you think he is right where he should be?  Leave a comment below and let us know who you would like to see Zayn feud with in the new year.


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