4 Things Survivor Fans Can Look Forward To In 2022

Let's take a look at four things Survivor fans can look forward to in 2022!

UPDATE: Despite numerous members of the show claiming the latest season of Australian Survivor would be available on Paramount+, it has since been revealed that this is not the case.

Survivor is an adventure reality game show franchise that got its start in the US way back in the year 2000. Ever since the show has been a massive hit and has even spawned countless international adaptations.

There are currently 3 English-speaking versions of the show that consist of the US, Australian, and South African versions of the show. All three with completely different casts, hosts, and gameplay styles.

Survivor fans can expect to see four brand-new seasons of the show across all three versions and we are here to break down each season and what Survivor fans should expect in 2022!

1. Australian Survivor: Blood V Water (January 31st)

The first season Survivor fans can expect to see in 2022 is Australian Survivor: Blood V Water which premieres in just a couple of days on January 31st.

This season will feature 24 castaways who will be forced to go against their loved ones in what is being claimed as one of the most brutal seasons the Australian version has ever seen. That is saying something considering the Australian version is known to be the most physical version of the game. The game consisted of 47 and was filmed in Charters Towers, Queensland.

This season will feature 4 returning players, one of them being a two-time winner of the US version, Sandra Diaz-Twine, playing with her daughter, Nina, who is competing for the first time. Other returning players include married couple, Mark Wales and Sam Gash, who met on the show back in 2017. Lastly, Andy Meldrum is returning from Champions vs. Contenders II with his sister Kate.

This season will be airing on Network 10 as well as 10Play On-Demand in Australia. In the US, the season will be available on Paramount+.

2. Survivor 42 (March 9th)

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The next season that will be airing in 2022 is Survivor 42 which premiers on March 9th here in the states.

42 is the second season to be filmed during the pandemic and was filmed directly after Season 41 last year. This season is expected to be very similar to Season 41 and will have many of the same twists such as the three-way idol and the shot in the dark. The season will also continue the new trend of US season being 26 days causing the game to be much more fast-paced. This season also marks the 10th time a US Survivor season was filmed in Fiji

The cast for this season has not been officially revealed; however, there have been a few leaks and some cast members can be seen in the trailer that was shown at the end of Season 41.

This season will air in the US on CBS and will be available on Paramount+ the next day.

3. Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts (July 2022)

The third season that is being released in 2022 is Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcast which will premiere in July of this year.

This will be the ninth season of the South African version and will be the first to feature a full cast of returning players. Not much else is known about the season as no cast details have been released at this point. Nonetheless, expect some of the greatest players to play the South African version to be back for this season.

The season will air on M-Net in South Africa and will potentially be available on Paramount+ here in the states. No official announcement has been made regarding theUS release.

4. Survivor 43 (Fall 2022)

Lastly, we have Survivor 43 which is expected to air sometime in the Fall of 2022.

Not much else is known about the season. Casting commenced throughout most of 2021 and filming is expected to start during the Spring of this year. Considering COVID-19 is still a thing production will have to deal with it would be safe to assume that most of the protocols for seasons 41 and 42 will still apply for this season.

Like Survivor 42, the season will air in the US on CBS and will be available the next day on Paramount+

What are your thoughts on the Survivor seasons we are getting this year? Which one are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow The Illuminerdi on social media to be notified of more news and updates like this in the future!



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