Super Catboy Release Demo for Steam Next Fest

Super Catboy

No matter if you love or hate cats, Super Catboy is the game you have to try!

This 16-bit pixel art game is a wild and fur flying, action-packed adventure following Catboy and his crazy, gun-toting sidekick, Weapongirl. Brought to life by Assemble Entertainment and developer Pixelgogo, you will be as entranced as a cat on catnip. Just check out this amazing 90s themed trailer they dropped inspired by Super-Nintendo.

Super Catboy Trailer

Merging the retro high-bit pixel art with the run-n-gun style, this fast-paced game is purrfect. Not to mention you can get a sample of the pawsome action, detailed cutscenes, and anthropomorphic critters right meow! Although it’s scheduled to release this summer, they have released a demo as part of Steam Next Fest. Check it out here.

In Super Catboy, you will find two unlikely heroes making their way across a variety of “icy mountains, dense and dangerous forests, and desolate factories” in an effort to find the nefarious Dr. Ungefug. Which also happens to be his creator. But first, they will need to shoot, claw, and fight their way through packs of beastly dog soldiers. And just like most cats, Catboy is pure chaos.

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Inspired by classic platformers of the 90s (Mega Man X and Donkey Kong Country), Super Catboy launches Windows PC and Mac via Steam and GOG in summer of 2022. To keep updated, check out the official website. As well as all the social medias, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the official Discord server.

Super Catboy

Are you going to play the Super Catboy demo? Is it already on your wishlist? What are games are you looking forward to during this year’s Steam Next Fest? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

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