The Batman: Robert Pattinson Doesn’t Believe Superman Fits Into Matt Reeves’ Batverse

Robert Pattinson doesn’t believe a being like Superman could realistically gel in The Batman's world.
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With the release of Matt Reeves’ The Batman only days away and knowledge of spin-offs already confirmed, fans are already speculating about whether other DC heroes will make their way into this fledgling new universe. 

But don’t ask Robert Pattinson, though.  With the film reportedly set to be the most “grounded” Batman movie ever, Pattinson doesn’t believe a being like Superman could realistically gel in that world. 

How Pattinson Views The Batman World

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In an interview with, Pattinson shared his thoughts:

“We’ve been talking about how to get the fantastical elements because Matt’s world, his take on it is so grounded, and I’m thinking like, ‘How can you add…?’  

Like, we were talking the other day. ‘Can you add Superman into it but he just doesn’t have any powers? He’s just a guy in a cape?’ He’s just like, ‘I’m Superman!’ And they’re like, ‘So?’

Ah yes, that age old argument of how “realistic” Batman should be on film again.  The term “Realism” has been applied to defend many a comic book property over the last decade, a trend started by Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and continued up through Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice when everyone voiced their complaints about DC’s films having become too self-serious. (Even Zack Snyder’s Justice League was aware of how ridiculous it was despite taking its story and characters seriously.) 

The Batman looks even more self-serious in tone than both the Nolan trilogy and Zack Snyder-directed DC films, judging by its trailers emphasizing the serial killer and mystery aspect as well as suggesting the film will explore the ever-present Twitter question: “If Bruce Wayne is so rich, why doesn’t he do more to help Gotham with his wealth?” It seems like every new Batman iteration as of late is determined to be more serious in tone than the last, leaving the franchise onscreen in a constant game of one upmanship that may one day alienate audiences if it ever gets to a point where the fun of Batman is lost. 

Regardless, Pattinson has stated he’s open to a trilogy of films if this one does well and Matt Reeves proved he could handle large franchises with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War For The Planet of the Apes, so if The Batman does well, it’s possible each sequel could slowly increase the comic booky nature of its world and storylines similarly to how Nolan’s and Snyder’s series did. 

At this point, I agree with Pattinson that Superman (or any Justice League members for that matter) would feel out of place in this presumably far more grounded world the trailers are implying. Reeves has already announced plans to make this a trilogy – not to mention the television shows around the Penguin and the Gotham police department heading to HBOMax, the likelihood of this new universe sticking to its guns on being as realistic as possible could fluctuate. 

Or it’s entirely possible The Batman could fail to connect with as many audiences as it desires and the projects could be vastly retooled as was the case with the early DCEU films.  We won’t know the outcome until The Batman sneakily glides into cinemas on March 4, 2022, and you can bet your Bat-bottom dollar I’ll be there to see how it turns out, good or bad.

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What do you make of Robert Pattinson’s comments regarding Superman?  Do you think he could fit into Matt Reeves’ Batman universe?  Should this Batman universe feature other Justice League heroes or be its own thing?  How excited are you for The Batman?  Let us know in the comments below and on our Twitter.




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