Pitch Perfect Rounds Out Cast For Peacock’s Comedy Series

With the Pitch Perfect creative team in full force, news just dropped of who will be joining Adam Devine and Flula Borg to round out the cast.
pitch perfect - adam devine
Adam Devine as Bumper Allen

“O-M-aca-G!” Is the world ready for more Pitch Perfect?

There are certain movies in this world that shape generations and stand the test of time. Pitch Perfect is undoubtedly one of those movies. Grossing over $600 million at the worldwide box office and being a key element that inspires so many women, this movie stands at the top of almost every must watch list.

The last edition to the franchise was in 2017 when Pitch Perfect 3 released. And while that was supposed to be the goodbye to The Barden Bellas who stole our hearts, we saw them again in 2020 raising money for UNICEF during the pandemic. This one music video proved how much fans and the world needed more Pitch Perfect in our lives.


That’s why it is aca-awesome that Pitch Perfect the series is in development from Universal Television (a division of Universal Studio Group) and set to air on Peacock streaming services. This comedy series will take place several years after we last saw Adam Devine’s character Bumper Allen. Due to one of his TikToks going viral in Berlin, Bumper moves to Germany in hopes to revive his music career and hires disgraced Piëter Krämer (Flula Borg) as his manager.

Best known for her role as co-writer and producer for NBC’s The Good Place, Megan Amram will be showrunner and writer for the new series. Joining Amram as executive producers are Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman of Brownstone Productions, Paul Brooks and Scott Neimeyer of Gold Circle Films, and Adam Devine. Brownstone and Gold Circle produced all three Pitch Perfect films, while Banks directed Pitch Perfect 2. Meaning that the Pitch Perfect comedy series is in the best of the best hands possible.


With the creative team a strong force to build an amazing hit series, news just dropped of who will be joining Adam Devine and Flula Borg to round out the cast. Sarah Hyland (Modern Family, The Wedding Year) will be joining the two as Heidi. The slightly odd, yet cherry American assistant on Bumper’s team secretly wishes to be a singer-songwriter herself and even performs original songs in a Berlin cabaret.

Lera Abova (Anna) will be playing Piëter’s sister. A prominent Berlin DJ and music producer, it is said she is as cool as Berlin in December (4.1C). With lastly Jameela Jamil (The Good Place, She Hulk) being casted as Gisela. An up-and-coming German pop star that is flashy and bombastic. Not only is she Bumper’s main rival in the German Unity Day concert, but she is also Piëter’s ex-girlfriend.

With such an amazing cast and creative team, the comedy series Pitch Perfect is sure to be another rounding success for the franchise. Personally as a fan, it is exciting to see the story continue while changing who the spotlight is focused on. It adds a whole other dynamic to a world that has so much to offer. However, with that said, a cameo or two from the ladies who make up The Bella’s would be a nice little bonus for fans.

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The Pitch Perfect series is set to start filming soon in Berlin, Germany and we will be keeping an eye out for all the details that might come our way.

Source: Deadline