XEL: 1st Look At New Game Via Exciting Trailer

No need to time travel to the future, the time is now with XEL.
xel of steam

No need to time travel to the future, the time is now with XEL.

This week developer Tiny Roar and publisher Assemble Entertainment provided a first look at XEL. Styled as a “love letter to classic Zeldatitles,” XEL is a picturesque action/sci-fi game. Scheduled to release this summer to Nintendo Switch and Windows PC via Steam and GOG. As well as launching later this year for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 and 5.


XEL will catch players’ eyes with the fluorescent landscapes, while players will be challenged with brain-bending puzzles. This 3D sci-fi fantasy follows Reid, an amnesiac protagonist. Shipwrecked on a mysterious planet with no idea who she is or where she’s from, Reid has her work cut out for her.

Enter The Fascinating World Of XEL

In hope of finding answers, she will meet charming characters, make her way through top-down dungeon-clearing combat, as well as find and upgrade a whole arsenal of valuable items and tools. And all of this combines with the best story element of all, time travel. But at the same time she has to be careful. The deeper she gets into the mysteries regarding the world of XEL, the more she realizes it’s a never ending cycle of danger.

Check out the exciting trailer here:

The trailer does a great job of showing off all this game has to offer. But let’s break down some of those amazing key features.

Old School Meets New School: Retro meets modern in a classic top-down 3D action-adventure featuring a well-crafted and fun combat system comprised of, dodging, parrying, and clever gadgets

Adventure Through Space and Time:
Explore the mysterious world of XELand uncover its dark past, utilizing mind-bending time travel to unlock the secrets of the mysterious land while mastering the many challenging dungeons waiting to be explored

A Timeless Audiovisual Experience: Composed by Gidon Wolff, XEL offers a timeless soundtrack complemented by vibrant visuals, handcrafted by a passionate indie team

XEL gameplay

One thing that has really started to take off in regard to new games, is the soundtracks. As someone who plays for hours, the music can really make or break a game. And this connection between indie artists and game developers has been a collaboration that just adds a special element to the gaming experience.

XEL leaves us intrigued to see more as the development continues to work on it. Including seeing more of a breakdown of the tools and gadgets that Reid will have at her disposal, as well as seeing exactly how the time travel aspect will play out. Will it be something that is mostly part of the story or a skill players can use to undo a move similar to Timelie.

Assemble Entertainment has a wide range of amazing games that cover the multitude of gaming styles of players. And it looks like XEL is going to fit in perfectly.

If this game looks exciting to you, while you wait for its launch we recommend checking out the Assemble Entertainment’s Steam page to check out their other titles. Currently they are having their annual Publisher Sale. Including two games that released last week and we covered here, Itorah and Orbital Bullet.

xel trailer

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Is XEL going to make it to your wish list? What do you think of the key features so far? What other Assemble Entertainment games are you really enjoying or looking forward to?