Original Stitch Unveil Over 30 New One Piece Fabrics for Dynamic Custom Shirt and Pillow Cases

Original Stich has more than 30 new action-packed One Piece fabrics from Alabasta to Winter Island and beyond!
One Piece Original Stitch

Original Stich has more than 30 new action-packed One Piece fabrics from Alabasta to Winter Island and beyond!

The perfect shirt doesn’t exi- Original Stitch has announced they have over 30 new action-packed fabrics, over 25 new character prints, and more than 5 plain fabrics inspired by the world-renowned One Piece. Original Stitch is the famed custom shirt retailer boasting over 1 billion patterns and the most intuitive online buying process. The company began in 2013 and went viral a few years go for offering unique and exlusive fabrics of the original 151 Pokémon. Now, they’re expanding their selection to to cover the Grand Blue with their incredible new One Piece fabrics.

With One Piece Film Red and the live-action Netflix adaptation coming, there is no better time to get your One Piece fashion pieces, before the rest of the world realizes what they’re missing on. Below, are some samples of the incredible fabric Original Stitch has in various forms, as well as the information about the different products they have available. But if for fans who already know what’s up, they can head over to Original Stitch to begin customizing their shirts and accessories.

Origina Stitch x One Piece

One Piece Original Stitch

Original Stitch Shirts

  • Shirts type     : Men’s shirts, Women’s shirts, Kids’ shirts
  • Style           : for adult            Casual style and Hawaiian style
              for kids            Casual and Hawaiian style
  • Size         : for adult      XXS・XS・S・M・L・XL・XXL・3XL・4XL
              for kids            100・110・120・130・140・150cm 
  • Custom Parts        : for adult           6 parts(body, outer collar, inner collar, outer cuffs, inner cuffs, pocket)
              for kids            2 parts(body/pocket)
  • Price           : for adult             $100 ~(tax and shipping fee are not included)
              for kids         $85 ~(tax and shipping fee are not included)
  • Available Fabric   : 30+ fabrics from Alabasta/Winter Island and beyond, 25+ character prints, 5+ plain fabrics

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One Piece Original Stitch

Original Stitch Pillowcase

  • Size              : 45 cm x 45 cm / 50 cm x 50 cm
  • Custom Parts    : 2 parts (surface / back fabric)
  • Price          : $18 ~(tax and shipping fee are not included)
  • Available Fabric: Surface           27 fabrics Alabasta/Winter Island and beyond
             Back              27 fabrics Alabasta/Winter Island and beyond
One Piece Original Stitch

Original Stitch Mask

  • Size              : S / M
  • Custom Parts    : 2 parts (surface / back fabric)
  • Price          : $18 ~(tax and shipping fee are not included)
  • Available Fabric : Surface           30+ fabrics from Alabasta/Winter Island and beyond
             Back                4 colors of mesh fabric
    (*) The mask is intended to be used as a fashion item. They are not intended for use in any clinical or surgical setting or where exposure to bodily or hazardous fluids may be expected.

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One Piece Original Stitch

Original Stitch Bandana

  • Price          : $18 ~(tax and shipping fee are not included)
  • Available Fabric: 30+ fabrics from Alabasta/Winter Island and beyond  

Sales countries and regions: Japan, USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Where to Buy

Whether they’re looking for a custom ONE PIECE shirt, mask (*) or bandana, fans can choose from 30+ patterns. They can also accessorize with 27 patterns for ONE PIECE pillows, even choosing different patterns for the front and back: www.originalstitch.com.

About Original Stitch

Original Stich

“Original Stitch” was born out of the desire of engineers who work in Silicon Valley to “reduce the effort of going to buy clothes.” We launched a test service in 2013, and since the establishment of the original brand “Original Inc.” in 2015, it’s developing services with the vision of “custom shirts for all closets”. You can customize the details of the shirt from 1 billion patterns to your liking and order in a minimum of 5 minutes. At the factory in Japan, the shirts are carefully tailored by craftsmen. Official Web site:www.originalstitch.com

What do you think about the Original Stitch x One Piece fabrics? Are you a fan of high-quality nerd fashion? Did you order a custom Pokémon already? Let us knnow in the comments below and share your favorite nerd fashion tips and pieces with us on Twitter!

Source: Original Stitch

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