Hunter X Hunter Finally Announces An Exciting New Installement, Volume 37

A new volume will finally be released for Hunter X Hunter, which continues the story of the manga series.
Hunter X Hunter

A new volume will finally be released for Hunter X Hunter, which continues the story of the manga series. Volume 37 by Yoshihiro will be released this year in Japan, which last had an installment released 4 years ago. Fans who love the series will be thrilled to continue the story after the long hiatus of the series creator Yoshihiro Togashi. More releases are expected to follow, including the hope that the anime series adaptation will continue.  

The Hunter X Hunter manga was originally released in 1998 and was written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi, with 36 volumes as of October 2018. The popularity of the series led to an anime adaptation in 1999 that currently has 62 episodes in total. The manga was translated into English and released in 2005, with the anime adaptation released in North America in 2009. Both the manga and the anime series have stopped while no further story has been added to the beloved release.


The story follows young Gon who lives on Whale Island and dreams of following his father in becoming a hunter. As participates in the hunter exam, he meets Leorio, Kurapika, and Killua, who become his greatest friends and companions. Their journey to become hunters leads them to face great dangers and threats from fellow hunters to barbaric creatures. Episode 148 is the last episode released from the anime adaptation series, which leaves the show on a cliffhanger. 

Volume 37 Continues The Story of Hunter X Hunter 

Hunter X Hunter

After four years of waiting, fans will finally be able to continue the story of Gon and his friends in the manga series. A tweet from the official Shonen Jump twitter account has confirmed the release date of the new volume. The long wait was due to a hiatus the creator took for ongoing health issues, who kept updating his progress on social media for fans to follow. Here is the announcement regarding the 37th volume of Hunter X Hunter, which is written by Yoshihiro Togashi. 

It’s unbelievable to think that it has been so long since the last release from the popular series. It will be curious to find out what Yoshihiro has in store for fans, as he may have had plenty of inspiration to draw from during his hiatus. There is no news regarding a continuation of the anime or a 38th volume but hopefully, that will soon follow. Considering the recent announcement, it won’t be long until more content is revealed for the series as there are many fans who have been waiting for this news, for longer than they expected.

hunter x hunter hiatus

Hunter X Hunter Volume 37 will be released in Japan on Friday, November the 4th 2022. The new volume will be priced at 528 JPY, with announcements to follow for fans worldwide.

All episodes of Hunter X Hunter are available on Crunchyroll, including both English Dub and English Sub. There are currently 148 episodes in the series, with fans able to watch the English dub for free, while the English dub requires a subscription.  

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