Donbrothers Super Mode Item and Robotaro Revealed Plus Rumored Additions

New power-ups and other rumors have been revealed for Avataro Sentai Donbrothers.

The power-up item and super mode in Donbrothers have finally been revealed, along with new rumors for new additions. This mode was previously revealed to be for Don Momotaro, the red Ranger of the series, who will become GolDon Momotaro in his new form. The rumors are regarding how the Ranger gets his new powers for the new gold armor mode and the new Zord that comes with it. Rumors have also given potential spoilers as they reveal another addition for a character in the show. 

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers is the latest Super Sentai series, with the 5 Rangers based on characters from the Momotaro folktale. It has been previously revealed that Don Momotaro will gain a gold armor mode that will make him become GolDon Momotaro. The super-mode power-ups are a huge addition to any Sentai series after the 6th Ranger has entered the show. Like many Ranger teams, it is often the Red Ranger that gains this power-up, along with new weapons and a powerful new Zord, or Robo, with it. 

Currently, the show has 6 Rangers as part of the Ranger team and even an evil Ranger known as Don Murasame. In opposition, the Noto include 3 Toku warriors that fight against the Ranger team and have vowed to wipe out the Don Clan. Only the 6 Rangers have a Robotaro form, which are the Zords of this Ranger team, but more are expected to be added closer to the end of the show. 

The New Omikoshi Phoenix Power-Up and Robotaro 

The new power-up for GolDon Momotaro is a phoenix known as Omikoshi Pheonix, which attaches to the Don Blaster for the new gold armor mode. In addition, the new Omikoshi Pheonix can become a Robotaro that combines with the Don Onitaijin. This gives Don Onitaijin gold armor, a spear weapon and shield, and a crest on his helmet that seems to have the Kanji for ‘Violent’. Here are the Omikoshi Pheonix toy images that reveal the item and Robotaro form, along with a new Avataro Gear.


It’s a fantastic design that really draws your eye and it’s understandable that a Phoenix is the super mode motif as it is used in Japanese culture as a symbol of the imperial household. It attaches in an unexpected place as many would have thought it would simply be a gear rather than an item that is attached to the top of the Changer. The spear and shield weapons are also interesting choices for Don Onitaijin to have in this powered-up formation, but it remains to be seen in ToraDora Gonjin will be able to combine them as well.  

Live-action images of the new combination and GolDon Momotaro have been revealed, with only teaser images previously released for Don Momotaro in his new mode. These teaser images were of the figures released of the Super Mode version of the Red Ranger, but now fans can see exactly what GolDon Momotaro will look like in the show.

New Don Murasame Robo for Donbrothers 

The following rumors may contain spoilers for future episodes of Donbrothers. If you do not wish to be spoiled, you have been warned.

The rumors shared on social media by Dukemon of RangerBoard regarding the new additions coming to Donbrothers. These are mostly linked to his super mode, GolDon Momotaro, which is set to debut soon. These rumors include how Don Momotaro will receive these powers, along with revealing rumors of Omikoshi Pheonix before previews appeared.


The rumors also reveal that Don Murasame, the evil shark ranger, will be getting his own Robotaro/Robo form. Here are the rumors for the new additions in future episodes of Donbrothers. 

Confirmation for the new Robotaro for Don Murasame has recently been revealed on social media. This is a purple and black Megazord that is almost identical to Don Onitaijin. This is similar to the Dark version of Zenkaiger’s Zenkai-Oh Juran Gaon used by StaCeaser in later episodes of the show. Dark versions of the Robotaro forms of InuBrother, SaruBrother, OniSister, and KijiBrother are included in the formation.

Don Murasame has a similar Robotaro form to Don Momotaro but with purple armor decoration matching the Ranger’s appearance. Here are the images of this new Robo for the evil Ranger and the toy version expected to be released by Premium Bandai. 

The weapons and armor for this new Robo look menacing and really make the design stand out compared to Don Onitaijin. The armor matches the purple Ranger brilliantly and captures his aesthetic. It will be interesting to see how dark versions of the 4 Rangers in their Robotaro forms will appear, but it is unlikely that the Rangers become this form. It will be interesting to how Don Momotaro and Don Murasame get their new additions for the show in coming episodes. 


Donbrothers DX Omikoshi Pheonix will be released in Japan on the 15th of October. The live-action debut of GolDon Momotaro and Omikoshi Pheonix have yet to be revealed but will likely follow the toy release. 

The new Robo for Don Murasame has yet to reveal when the Dark Megazord will enter the show. There is an expected toy release date by Premium Bandai but this has yet to be confirmed.  


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Source: SentaiFive on Twitter 


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