New Beetleborgs Fan Animation Showcases The Superhero Franchise’s Potential

A fan created and released a Big Bad Beetleborgs animation tease that shows the potential for the Tokusatsu adaptation.

A fan created and released a Big Bad Beetleborgs animation tease that shows the potential for the Tokusatsu adaptation. The small opening animates the iconic characters from the 90’s live-action series and teases a transformation sequence. This is a perfect showcase that demonstrates how the unused concept could be reintroduced to fans around the world in a fresh style that fits the aesthetic. The creator also teases the potential of a full animation in the works for this Beetle-themed superhero series.

Big Bad Beetleborgs was adapted by Saban Entertainment from the Metal Hero Tokusatsu series, Juukou B-Fighter. The show featured three beetle-themed warriors that have a similar aesthetic to Power Rangers, but with full metal armor. Big Bad Beetleborgs debuted in 1996 and the second season adapted B-Fighter Kabuto into Beetleborgs Metallix. However, the show ended without a conclusion due to the lack of source material matching the concept, as B-Robo Kabutack targeted a younger audience with a different idea.  

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The adaptation featured three kids that make a wish to become their comic book superheroes when they released a phantasm, called Flabber, in a haunted house. This wish accidentally released the villains of the comic book into the world, causing the kids to use their new powers to stop them and send them back. The characters were last seen in episode 35 of Beetleborgs Metallix when they managed to obtain both giant robot beetle warriors, Roboborg and Boron. The show included the following cast members that feature in the fan-made adaptation.  

  • Drew, Blue Stinger Borg – Played by Wesley Barker
  • Roland, Green Hunter Borg – Played by Herbie Baez
  • Jo, Red Striker Borg – Played by Shannon Chandler

The Big Bad Beetleborgs fan-made animation 

The animation was created and designed by Dom Estephane, who created an animation adaptation of Big Bad Beetleborgs. The teaser of the animated series features an animated version of Drew, Roland, and Jo as they transform into the Beetleborgs with their Beetle Bonders. The teaser concept is only 23 seconds long but demonstrates what could be done with the Superhero franchise, which has remained dormant as part of the Power Ranger License owned by Hasbro.  

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The aesthetic for the Big Bad Beetleborgs is perfect for this format considering the kid’s powers come from comic books in the story. The art style is much like the latest Spider-Man cartoon shows that have been released, such as the 2017 animated series. This would be a fantastic release since Beetleborgs could appeal to both old and new fans, with a great look that will appeal to a new generation of kids. This potential remains untapped, and it could also allow the Power Rangers Universe to expand by introducing new heroes that do not need the Morphin Grid.

Beetleborgs crossovers were also supposed to happen with Ranger shows, Zeo and Turbo, in the comics but only one was ever released. 

Whether a live-action return or this amazing idea as an animated series, Estephane has proved there is a way that Beetleborgs could return to the spotlight after 20 years of neglect. There are many ways that we could have both if Hasbro reboots the concept, but fans would love to see the return of this iconic superhero show. In addition, Super Sentai has been rumored to be using insect motifs for their 47th Sentai series, this would perfectly play off the popularity caused by the new Ranger series hype.  

Hasbro has yet to state if they will ever use Big Bad Beetleborgs in the future as their focus is purely on Power Rangers and their 30th anniversary. Both the Power Rangers 30th anniversary and Power Rangers Cosmic Fury are set for release in 2023. For more amazing content from Dom Estephane, including this Beetleborgs animation project, check out his social media using the following link

What do you think of this animation adaptation? Do you want Big Bad Beetleborgs to return? What other Superhero franchises do you think should be brought back and rebooted? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Tokusatsu content. 

Source: Domestephane’sTwitter 

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