Awesome Digimon Fan MeetUp Event Coming to Los Angeles

A Digimon Fan MeetUp event will be held for the 25th anniversary in Los Angeles
Digimon Fan Meet Up

A Digimon Fan MeetUp event will be held for the 25th anniversary in Los Angeles. Digimon fans are invited to participate in the exhibition, which will feature various artwork for all current Digimon content. This special event will also be held in conjunction with the North American TCG conference, Digimon Card Game 2022 Final Championship. Attendees will also be given fantastic gifts including promotional packs for the Digimon Card Game and a Digimon Museum Special Guidebook.  

The Digimon Fan MeetUp is a fantastic celebration of the franchise, which has gifted fans with an incredible mix of releases. This includes the latest Digimon TCG boosters, Digimon Ghost Game, and even the releases of Digimon Survive. The event will bring together fans as they enjoy the artwork featured in recent products and the upcoming releases from the Digital World. The event will also take place after the Digimon Con 2023, which will be livestreamed for fans around the world to attend for free. 

Digimon Fan MeetUp 25h Anniversary Exhibition in LA 

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The Digimon Fan MeetUp will be a free-entry event at Los Angeles Convention Center, Concourse Foyer. The event will host an art exhibition that features over 140 artwork, which is seen in the Digimon Card Game, video games, anime, and even the upcoming Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning Movie. The event will also include a Card Game Training corner, other exciting Digimon content, and a video game demo for Digimon World: Next Order. A limited number of visitors will also receive a Digimon Museum Special Guidebook to commemorate the event, with various prices. 

These prices include the Digimon Card Game Promotion Pack that features eight prize-winning illustrations from the Digimon Illustration Competition held in Japan and the US in 2021. Special gifts will also be presented to fans that share the event on social media and are Digimon Partners members. This includes a special sticker for those who follow and retweet the pinned tweet from the DigimonWeb Official account, and a Digimon Frontier 20th & Digimon Partners 1st Anniversary postcard.

These require proof of action or member ID to claim from the staff at the Digimon Fan MeetUp and are limited to one person with limited stock. 

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This will be a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the amazing work that has built up the franchise over the years. This is especially true for the Digimon TCG, which features captivating art from both the official releases and the 2022 competition. The items fans can collect from the event will be treasured by many Digimon fans, but this will be limited by how much stock is available. It’s a shame that there aren’t more locations around the world that will host Digimon fan events, but there is certainly a chance that more may be coming soon.  

The Digimon Fan MeetUp will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Centre, from February 24 to 26, 2023. Fans will be free to enter and with the Guidebook and items given to fans who enter but only a limited amount will be available. To get access to the Digimon Fan MeetUp and attend, use the following link

What do you think of the Digimon Fan MeetUp? Will you be attending the event in LA? Do you want to see these Digimon events in your area? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Digimon news. 


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