Masters of the Universe 3rd and Final Wave of Massively Popular Digital Toy Collection Drops

Masters of the Universe Cryptoys

Mattel and Cryptoys drop the third and final round of fan-favorite characters in their massively popular Masters of the Universe (MOTU) digital toy collection.

Cryptoys and Mattel have announced the third and final wave of their Masters of the Universe digital toy collection series! The final drop features beloved characters such as Skeletor, Sorceress, Panthor, and Man-At-Arms. The digital action figures have been a huge hit among fans since their debut on November 9, 2022, transforming into 3D animated characters with unique personalities and skins. These final four figures complete the 12-character collection.

The New Masters of the Universe Digital Figures

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The Cryptoys platform offers a new and exciting way for fans to collect and play with their favorite Masters of the Universe characters. With multiple skins and rarity levels, each action figure offers a surprise for players as they unwrap their new toys to reveal which skin and rarity they have discovered. The more scarce the rarity skin is, the more powerful it will become.

“We are thrilled to bring the final wave of the Masters of the Universe series to fans around the world on the Cryptoys platform, which combines Mattel’s iconic IP with cutting-edge digital art. The response to the new line of digital collectibles has been phenomenal.” Mattel’s Global Head of Digital Gaming, Mike DeLaet

The Cryptoys platform combines toys, gaming, and entertainment, providing a fun new way for fans to collect and play with their favorite characters. The digital action figures come to life before your eyes on the screen, offering a new level of interaction and excitement for collectors. The Masters of the Universe series has been a huge success on the platform, with fans eagerly anticipating the final wave of characters.

Cryptoys continues to bring the surprise pack toy experience into the virtual world with digital action figures that come to life the moment they’re unwrapped. Each MOTU drop offers multiple skins across seven rarity levels – the more scarce the rarity skin is, the more powerful it will become.

“We’ve been watching our community’s incredible reactions to unboxing Wave 1 and 2 of the Masters of the UniverseTM Cryptoys, revealing one surprise after another, rooting each other on to pull their favorite characters and seeing how spectacular it is when they come to life in front of Castle Grayskull for the first time. We’re excited for the community to have access to the full slate of iconic characters, including fan favorite Skeletor and experience more ways to play with their new MOTU toys.”  Will Weinraub, CEO and Co-Founder at OnChain Studios

The Masters of the Universe collection is the first brand to launch on the Cryptoys platform, offering a unique experience for collectors to build an interactive collection. The platform makes it easy for anyone to purchase Cryptoys Cubes and start their collection, priced at $39.99 each. Collectors can purchase with a credit or debit card, including a 5% transaction fee, on the Flow platform. Each time a collector mints up to five Cryptoys Cubes per transaction, they’ll receive a Golden Ticket for early access to future drops.

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Cryptoys and Mattel’s collaboration on the Masters of the Universe series has been a great success, offering fans a new and exciting way to collect and play with their favorite characters. With the final wave of characters now available, fans can complete their collection and experience more ways to play with their new MOTU toys. The Cryptoys platform has created a unique and innovative way for fans to interact with their favorite characters, combining toys, gaming, and entertainment into one exciting experience.


What do you think of the third round of Mattel and Cryptoys Digital Masters of the Universe collection? Do you already have the previous 8? Which one is your rarest or your favorite? Let us know what you think on social media!

Source: Mattel

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