KingOhger Unleashes Regal OhKuwagata Ohger and Unveils New Upcoming Spin-Off

KingOhger OhKuwagata Ohger

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger reveals Ookuwaga Ohger’s identity and new spin-off coming to YouTube for Rival Ranger.

The 47th Sentai series features a Silver Ranger similar to Kuwaga Ohger, who is the red Ranger of the series. Additionally, the latest episode of the series has revealed a new debut, which partially explains how another Stag beetle Ranger can exist. Here are all the details regarding the latest addition to the series, along with details for the upcoming spin-off.

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger has already begun to turn up the heat as Gira heads back to Shugoddam in episode 6. The ‘Evil King’ took the Ohger Calibur from King Racules Hastie after he was willing to let his people die to prepare to invade the other Kingdoms. The true King of Shuggodam revealed himself to be power-hungry and believed all other nations should bow to him while pretending to be benevolent to his people. The other 4 leaders of the Quintet Alliance currently remain in control of their respective countries, while the King’s attempts to control them through domination continues, as he can now command the main Robo, King-Ohja.  

*The following content may contain spoilers for Ohsama Sentai KingOhger 

Ohkuwagata Ohger Identity and Spin-off Revealed 

The silver Ranger featured in the series has been revealed to be the Shugoddam King himself, King Racules Hastie, as featured in a poster for the upcoming spin-off. The Leader of Shugoddam revealed his unique gold Ohger Calibur, which has been present in past episodes of the 47th Sentai series. He has yet to be classified as a Ranger but will act as a Rival Ranger that will fight against Kuwaga Ohger in upcoming episodes. OoKuwaga Ohger may be the 6th Ranger to be added, but he is classified as an ‘Extra Ranger’ rather than an Additional Ranger for the series.  

His gold Ohger Calibur has been revealed to be called the Ohger Calibur Zero and will allow the King to become the Silver Stag Ranger, Ohkuwagata Ohger. The official social media for KingOhger also revealed that Ookuwaga Ohger, King Racules, will feature in his own spin-off coming to the official Toei Tokusatsu YouTube channel. The spin-off will be released for free for fans in Japan and will be called ‘Secrets of King Racules’, featuring the new Ranger and teasing his “path to supremacy”. 


The gold variant of the Sword is beautifully decorated, and the gold makes the Changer both majestic and menacing. This fits King Racules perfectly due to his twisted views of his right to rule all, no matter the cost. Having only a stag trigger also corresponds to his desire to be the only King of all 5 nations, showing that the other 4 have no place as ruling monarchs for his reign. The Ranger will be an interesting debut for the series, and it will be curious to discover the origins of the Ranger in the upcoming spin-off. 

KingOhger Episode 6 Debut Partially Explains New Ranger 

The new episode of KingOhger has included an unexpected addition that may explain how Ohkuwagata Ohger can exist. The recent episode debuted God Scorpion for the 47th Sentai series, as Gira awakens the Shugod when he takes his ShuGod soul back from the Bugnarak. We will also see God Kuwaga Zero, a black and silver variant of God Kuwaga controlled by King Racules, in the same episode. This suggests that Ookuwaga Ohger can exist due to the new Shugod that has been revealed. Details regarding the ShuGod’s origins have yet to be revealed but it can form the King-Ohja Robo which provoke an attack from God Scorpion, with explanations coming soon.  


God Kuwaga Zero has a beautiful color scheme to mirror Gira’s God Kuwaga, with fantastic dark tones despite being the Silver Ranger’s partner. The reason God Scorpion attacked the King-Ohja formation with the new debut is likely linked to the trio’s hate for humans, meaning there could be more to the origins of this alternate Stag beetle ShuGod. The next episode will be an exciting installment to find out more regarding all the latest additions to the series as Kamikiri Ohger seems oddly determined to obtain this particular Chikyu treasure. 

The KingOhger Spin-Off ‘Secret of King Racules’ featuring Ookuwaga Ohger, King Racules Hastie. The release will be available on April 23 at 10 am JST via Toei Tokusatsu YouTube Official, which will be region locked to viewers in Japan.  


Ohsama Sentai KingOhger is still ongoing with episode 7 to release on April 16, this Sunday. The series is exclusively aired in Japan via TV-Asahi and cannot be officially viewed outside of the region. Episodes of the series are uploaded on YouTube and after their TV debut.  


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Source:, Official KingOhger Twitter 



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