Power Rangers 30: Rita Repulsa Gets Her Moment to Shine With Solo Figure

Hasbro Pulse announced the upcoming release of the Rita Repulsa Lightning Collection during the Power Rangers 30th anniversary Fanstream.

Hasbro Pulse announced the upcoming release of the Rita Repulsa Lightning Collection during the 30th anniversary Fanstream. The latest figure will feature a rebooted figure of the iconic villain from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, with new features and outstanding details. The new Lightning Collection released was revealed alongside the latest Monster for the line, the Mighty Minotaur, who will appear as a revived foe alongside the leading villain in the upcoming 30th-anniversary special.

Rita Repulsa and Minotaur

Rita Repulsa was the first leader of evil to appear in the Power Rangers franchise and is renowned for being the most iconic villain featured in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. She led the evil space aliens after she escaped from her imprisonment on the moon, which Zordon of Eltar had managed to capture her within. The villain was adapted from the Super Sentai series, Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, and was portrayed by Machiko Soga and voiced by Barbara Goodson for Saban’s world-renown character.

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The Mighty Minotaur was a monster created by Finster in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode ‘Teamwork’, which debuted the Power Weapons belonging to the Rangers for the first time. Both Rita and the Mintaur have returned as Robo versions for the 30th-anniversary special.

Power Rangers Remastered Lightning Collection Rita Repulsa 

The Evil Witch, Rita Repulsa’s remastered Lightning Collection figure will feature brand-new head sculpts that weren’t included with the original release in the line. New material will also be used for the clothing of this iconic villain, along with her iconic staff and an attack effect. The villain was previously difficult to obtain but now this latest version of Rita Repulsa will allow fans to add her to their collection, with even more options for posing and presentation. 

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The Mighty Minotaur Lightning Collection figure was also revealed as the latest release, which the monster originally featured in episode 3 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1. The iconic villain includes his shield and mace as part of the set and will also include a small clay figure, which is used by Finster to create the monster for Rita. A lightning effect will also be included for the head and horns of the monster, adding to the poseable display features of the lighting collection figure.   

It’s incredible that Rita will be part of the 30th-anniversary anniversary line-up along with the 6 Rangersfeatured in the reboot line. The faces are incredibly captured in this figure as Soga provided an iconic performance in both Super Sentai and Power Rangers. The outfit and details are also beyond expectation and would be a perfect collector’s item that could easily be used as a prop in the series. The only missed opportunity is adding the Robo Rita face as part of the package since the villain’s new form will appear in Power Rangers: Once & Always, which may suggest a future release for the character. 

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The Mighty Minotaur was also a significant monster in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as the foe faced against the Ranger for the debut of the Power Weapons. Along with Snizzer, this monster has also reappeared as a Robo version of his former self for Power Rangers: Once & Always, making his lightning collection debut even better. The extra mini-clay figure of the monster is also a big feature that the lightning collection Finster can use, which fans think should have been a key item with all monster releases for the season.  

Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Rita Repulsa and Mighty Morphin Mighty Minotaur Lightning Collection figures are both available for pre-order. The latest Lightning collection figures are scheduled for release on August 16, 2023, can be pre-ordered on the Hasbro Pulse official website and also at Entertainment Earth. Use code “theill” for 10% off in-stock items.

What do you think of the latest Lightning Collection figures? Will you be adding Rita Repulsa to complete your Power Rangers collection? What was your favorite announcement during the Hasbro Pulse 30th anniversary Fanstream? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news. 

Source: Hasbro Pulse

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