‘Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury’: First Press Photos Reveal Awesome Merch For The 30th Season

New Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury merch is coming, soon you can have your own Morpher! Thanks to Twitter, we can see the new toy in all of its glory.  Check it out!

New Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury merch is coming, soon you can have your own Morpher! Thanks to photos from a reliable Rangers account on Twitter, we can see the new toy in all of its glory.  Check it out!

What Does the Cosmic Fury Morpher Have to Offer?

Power Ranges Cosmic Fury

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Along with toy figures, every new Power Rangers show is followed by large versions of the current team’s morphers.  From the images, it looks like this morpher will react with a large variety of sound effects from both Cosmic Fury and Dino Fury.  Color-wise, the morpher is a grayish white with a light brown face, red eyes, and red buttons atop its nose.  There’s also a black strap to put it around your wrist.  The top has a place for the orbs to go for your desired ranger of choice and their associated sound effects.  It also sounds like the toy will have a keen ear for the other electronic devices around your house, from your television, cell phone, tablet, you name it, and physically react to what it picks up, making an already cool-looking toy that much cooler.

A More Detailed Look

The company behind the new Cosmic Fury Morpher has also provided a product description.  Feast your eyes:

“It’s morphin’ time!  The Cosmic Morpher electronic roleplay toy lets children imagine that they’re morphin’ into action as Power Rangers.  Featuring over 20 lights and sounds, plus a choose your Ranger feature and unique sound-scanning technology that reacts to the program.  When activated, the Cosmic Morpher roleplay toy will “listen” to Power Rangers episodes playing on your tv, tablet, and more and “react” to what it “hears”.

Tap the Cosmic Fury orb in the center of the Morpher to cycle through Ranger colors and choose your favorite, then hear their voice.  Press the action buttons on the front of the Morpher to activate fighting sounds and flashes.  The 30th series of Power Rangers finds the Dino Fury Rangers in space, battling the evil Lord Zedd.  Look out for other morphinominal kids roleplay toys and costumes including children’s masks, costume roleplay weapons, and more.  Each sold separately, subject to availability.”

History Of Cosmic Fury And Dino Fury

Cosmic Fury logo

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Power Rangers: Dino Fury is a unique entry in the Power Rangers franchise in that it has the first season to premiere exclusively on a streaming platform.  Like the last few series before it, season one of Dino Fury aired on Nickelodeon from February 20th, 2021-December 18th, 2021, being the final Rangers season to air on that network.  Season two of Dino Fury premiered on Netflix and ran from March, 3rd 2022-September 29th, 2022.

 Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will follow the evolved Dino Fury team up into space as they continue their fight against evildoers, namely Lord Zedd. 

Russell Curry, Hunter Deno, Kai Moya, Tessa Rao, Chance Perez, and Jordan Fite will return to make up the Ranger team, whilst their villains will be the terrifying Lord Zedd along with Snoutia, and Jozotic.  When Cosmic Fury airs, it will have the honor of being the 30th official season of the ever-popular franchise, which began back in 1993 and contained a multitude of shows, movies, and more during its tenure.  We at The Illuminerdi will keep you updated on Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury as it develops.

30th Anniversary Power Rangers

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will release this fall on Netflix.

What do you think of the new Morpher?  Are you excited by its technological advancements?  Who’s your favorite Dino Fury Ranger?  Are you excited for Power Rangers Cosmic Fury?  Let us know on our Social Media.


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