Secret Invasion Writer Explains The Controversial Decision To Kill Maria Hill

Executive Producer and Writer Brian Tucker speaks about the decision to kill off Maria Hill in "Secret Invasion"

The writer of Marvel’s Secret Invasion finally addressed the death of Maria Hill in the MCU series. Cobie Smulders’ portrayal as Maria Hill, the former Commander and Deputy Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Nick Fury’s right hand, has always been a popular supporting character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She was first introduced in the first Avengers film and since then, she has made multiple appearances throughout the MCU.

In this year’s Secret Invasion, it took many viewers by surprise when she was killed off at the end of the season premiere. From the trailers, it looked like Hill and Fury were going to work together to face the threat that is of the Skrull Invasion throughout the series. Many questions about her death until now.


Kingsley Ben-Adir as Gravik in “Secret Invasion.”

During the latest episode of Disney+’s Marvel Studios Assembled, Secret Invasion writer and executive producer Brian Tucker explains the decision they had to make with Hill’s death early on in the series (via

“One of the kind of just most important decisions that we had to make early on was to really illustrate the scale and the reality of the danger that Gravik and his rebels pose to humans. And to do that, we couldn’t allow all of our characters to make it out safely. This is a contest for the planet. It’s being fought on the ground and it’s gonna be bloody. There will be casualties in this conflict, and that means making those tough decisions to say goodbye to beloved characters.”

-Brian Tucker (Executive Producer and Writer)-

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This is a bold move for Marvel Studios, especially since in the past, many Marvel fans have criticized that the studio is playing it too safe. Even the death of Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos was a shock for many in a later episode. Fury had the motivation to defeat Gravik from Hill’s death so fans weren’t too happy when it came to Talos being killed.


Ben Mendelsohn as Talos and Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill in “Secret Invasion.”

There are usually two options when a character is killed off in the MCU. They are either revived (which is rare) or they are killed off completely. According to Director Ali Selim, he has confirmed that as far as he’s concerned, both characters will remain dead. He stated the following:

“I don’t know what’s going to happen to Maria Hill or Talos. They’re dead. One is burned, and the other is buried. But in the MCU, anything can happen. So, where are they going to end up? I don’t know.”

-Ali Selim (Director of “Secret Invasion”)-

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When Selim says “Anything can happen,” he is definitely on to something. We have entered a Multiversal timeline that does make anything possible. Dead characters can reappear in future films/tv series and the Multiverse has an endless amount of storylines to be shared.

Variants of Maria Hill and Talos are somewhere out there in the universe. They might be the same characters we have come to love in Earth-616 but they are out there. We have met the Spider-Men from different universes and the What If…? series showcases the different timelines and realities among the Multiverse.

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

If we are able to see Hill and Talos come back, it will most likely happen as their variants and not as the characters we have known. It would be interesting to see if this will ever be a possibility in the future but as of right now, their characters have been laid to rest.

What do you guys think? Is there a possibility of bringing these two characters back into the MCU? Which death hurts the most to you? Let us know and check out our socials! If you like this article and more, follow us so you can be updated on the latest pop culture news!


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