THE FAMILY GUY EXPERIENCE PUTT PUTT BAR Review – Immerse Yourself in the Glorious Annals of Quahog

Bucketlisters provides an incredible immersive Family Guy Experience
Bucketlisters Family Guy Experience Putt Putt Bar

Ever wondered what it would be like to live a day in Quahog? To step into the shoes of Peter or get into mischief with Stewie? Well, thanks to Bucketlist, you can get pretty darn close with The Family Guy Experience Putt Putt Bar. It’s cheeky, fun, and a vivid homage to a show many of us have loved for years.

The Family Guy Experience is The Opposite of Meg

The Family Guy Experience is an ensemble of nostalgia and innovation, replete with scenes that would make any Family Guy enthusiast squeal in delight. You’re not just taking a trip down memory lane, you’re living it with every putt you take. The meticulously crafted holes ooze creativity, each narrating tales of the Griffin family’s antics. Except maybe that 9th hole – but more on that later.

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The venue is nothing short of a Family Guy treasure hunt. It’s brimming with callbacks and nods to the series’ most iconic moments. These aren’t just throwaway references; they’re cleverly integrated Easter eggs that reward the sharp-eyed and devout fans. But, much like any treasure hunt, there are hits and misses.

Why Peter is Fat

The drinks are showstoppers—literally. They’re Instagrammable, quirky, and very Family Guy. But where the experience stands out unexpectedly is in its culinary prowess. We’re talking dishes that tickle the palate and leave you craving more. Now, while the place boasts some fabulously thematic drink holders, the merch game feels a tad underwhelming. And speaking of drinks, where, oh where, was the Pawtucket Patriot Ale? The Simpsons gave us Duff Beer and Buzz Cola, and here I was, hoping to sip on some iconic ale from Quahog’s famed brewery. A bit of a let-down, honestly, especially when you think of the potential.

The culinary offerings at The Family Guy Experience Putt Putt Bar go far beyond the usual fare you’d expect at a mini-golf arcade. At its foundation, the basics are impeccable—quality ingredients cooked to sheer perfection. Their burgers boast a hardiness in quality and flavor that justifies the price above fast-food prices, the fries are crisp and seasoned just right, and the nachos carry a delightful crunch with every bite.

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However, where the menu truly shines are its unexpected stars: the Jelly Donut Burger and the Grilled Cheese. These aren’t just items on the menu; they’re experiences. The Jelly Donut Burger, with its sweet and savory dance of flavors, and the Grilled Cheese, with its golden, gooey goodness, are gastronomic revelations. In a city where traffic can be a nightmare, these dishes are the dreams you didn’t know you had; they’re the comforting embrace that reassures you, in contrast to the grueling stop-and-go of LA roads.

Shut Up, Meg!

Now, back to that 9th hole. I’m all for a good laugh, and while the joke was quintessentially Family Guy, it felt misplaced in the flow of the course. It lacked the buildup, context, and honestly, felt like they’d just added an extra for the sake of it. The course is genuinely a gem of 8 holes, with the 9th one just there…kind of like Meg (Shut up, Meg!). This does work but also messes up my OCD with the game ending at 8, instead of halfway through, or at a round number of 10.

Sure, there are a few hiccups here and there, but The Family Guy Experience Putt Putt Bar truly stands as a testament to Bucketlist’s knack for innovation and fan service. It’s more than just a themed bar; it’s an homage, a celebration of the Griffin family and their hilarious escapades. So, if you’re looking to immerse yourself in some Quahog fun, give it a whirl. Just don’t expect to leave with a bunch of swag or a Pawtucket Patriot Ale in hand. Get your tickets at

Bucketlister’s Family Experience Putt Putt Bar gets a 9/10!


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