Don’t Scream: Amazing New Details About 90’s Found Footage Horror Game

Don't Scream is an upcoming new indie horror game in the style of a camcorder found footage horror flick.
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This new game will challenge players. The one thing they have to do? Don’t scream. The indie game world is buzzing with the announcement of a creative new “Found Footage” horror video game. Developed and published by Joure & Joe, the upcoming video game Don’t Stream will be an Unreal Engine 5-powered game that’s done in the style of a camcorder found footage horror movie, similar to The Blair Witch Project.

In the new game title, players will be challenged to explore the mysterious Pineview Forest for 18 minutes without screaming. The upcoming game is going to be hitting Early Access on Steam later this month. The devs also released a new gameplay reveal trailer to go along with the announcement, which you can check out below.

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The trailer presents a very unique look and style. It looks to mix elements of 3D, first-person exploration with survival horror elements. It looks like players will wander around an incredibly creepy, unsettling forest. It looks dark and foreboding, and all you have is a flashlight or natural light sources.

The made appears to be very disturbing and a scarily fun experience. It’s set in the 1990s, and it looks to be from the perspective of a player who is filming everything with a VHS camcorder. To add to the game’s creepy, unique, and creative style, the game requires a microphone to play. Progression literally requires the players to stay quiet and not scream.

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While players progress through Pinewood Forest, all the gameplay events are dynamic. So players won’t know what to expect and what might pop out and make them scream next. If you scream while exploring the forest, players will be required to restart the game.

Also, while players have 18 minutes to explore the forest, time will only progress when they move. This also looks like it would be a fun game for friends and group events. The atmosphere of Don’t Scream looks incredibly immersive and downright palpable. It looks like the environment will do everything possible to scare the pants off the player with all sorts of eery ambiance.

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So far, Don’t Scream looks like it’s going to be an inventive, creative, fun, and authentic horror experience. It looks like it’s trying something different for the horror video game genre, which is a good thing, and it appears to have a lot of potential.

Just watching the trailer gives you the heebie-jeebies. You are isolated and alone, and it looks like something will come out and attack you at any moment. It feels like walking through a graveyard alone at night. Based on the trailer, it does look like there are some types of monsters lurking in Pinewood Forest as well.

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Another cool feature about this game is that it looks to have the old 1990s TV aspect ratio rather than widescreen high definition. The old television lines from the VHS video format are also present, making this look like an authentic period experience. It definitely looks like this horror title will challenge the courage and bravery of gamers.

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Don’t Scream is available to wishlist now on Steam. It will be available in Early Access starting October 27 until Q1 2024.

What do you think of Don’t Scream? Is this something you plan on putting on your Steam Wishlist right now? Do you think it looks scary? Let us know your thoughts about the upcoming game on The Illuminerdi’s social media.

SOURCE: Joure & Joe; Steam

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