GHOSTS OF RUIN Drop Violent Trailer and Announce 2 New Comic Series

The NYCC panel for Ghosts of Ruin was a revelation, unveiling a trailer and comic series that promise to immerse audiences in a universe of dystopian brilliance and narrative wonder.
Ghosts of Ruin

The New York Comic Con (NYCC) was ablaze with revelations as the much-anticipated Ghosts of Ruin panel unveiled a realm of dystopian wonder. Hosted by the renowned geek and entertainment maestro, Coy Jandreau, the panel was nothing short of star-studded brilliance, featuring a cascade of influential figures such as Tony Revolori (The Grand Budapest Hotel), K-Pop sensation AleXa, and the creative symphony led by Hans Zimmer’s Bleeding Fingers Music. Gracing the occasion were also the series’ showrunner/executive producer, Michael Ryan, and the Academy-Award nominated director, Thierry Marchand.

Trailer: A Portal to Dystopian Splendor

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The highlight of the panel was the unveiling of a brand-new trailer, a cinematic gateway into the dystopian universe of Ghosts of Ruin. The trailer offered a tantalizing sneak peek into a world embroidered with captivating characters and pulsating with futuristic action, setting the stage for a narrative experience that promises to be both immersive and exhilarating.

Comics: Unveiling the Lore

In a groundbreaking announcement, Battle Island revealed two comic series that will delve deeper into the enigmatic universe of Ghosts of Ruin. The creators, celebrated for their narrative brilliance – Eisner-award winner Jim McCann (Return of the Dapper Men) and Dennis Culver (Unstoppable Doom Patrol, Future State Gotham), illuminated the panel with insights into their creative journeys and unveiled the cover art for the initial issues of the comics.

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SEEDS OF RUIN, penned by the imaginative Jim McCann, promises to be a journey into the origins of “Ruin,” exploring the foundational lore of the world’s most beloved game within the Ghosts of Ruin universe. It aims to be a narrative treasure, offering readers a deeper understanding of the game’s mystical beginnings.

CHRONICLES OF RUIN, crafted by the talented Dennis Culver, is set to explore the tumultuous terrain of friendship marred by the shadows of blood and violence within the game “Ruin.” It promises a tale of camaraderie transformed into a saga of conflict, adding a layer of emotional complexity to the overarching narrative.

A Celebration of Creative Brilliance

Ghosts of Ruin

The Ghosts of Ruin panel at NYCC was a celebration of creative brilliance, marking a significant milestone in the journey of this dystopian saga. The revelations, from the tantalizing trailer to the unveiling of the comic series, have set the stage for a multi-dimensional narrative experience that promises to captivate audiences with its depth, creativity, and cinematic allure.

About Ghosts of Ruin

Ghosts of Ruin

Release Date: Fall 2023
Episodes: 12
Creators: PJ Accetturo and Ryan Ramsey
Executive Producers: Katie Stippec, Michael Ramsey
Showrunner: Michael Ryan
Starring: Tony Revolori, Rosario Dawson, Justin Long, AleXa, Michael Longfellow, Harron Atkins, Cherise Boothe, Josh Keaton, John Bentley, JB Blanc, Karen Strassman

In the near-future tech dystopia of San Francisco, the Tournament of Ruin is about to debut a brand new fully immersive technology – Neural Reality! Lee wins the opportunity to join the ranks of 100 of the world’s best gamers competing in a team battle royale.

Lee is in way over his head, and no one knows that there’s something inside the game – something brutal and murderous – something that is hunting them one by one.

It’s like the game is haunted somehow. There’s a secret here that runs much deeper than anyone suspects. The dream quickly turns into a nightmare when the players mysteriously lose their ability to log out. Lee and company must survive long enough to crack the secrets of Neural Reality before they lose their minds and become ghosts of Ruin.

Are you ready to dive deep into the mysteries of Ghosts of Ruin? Eager to explore the landscapes of dystopian brilliance and narrative creativity? Curious to discover the tales woven in the comics and the cinematic allure of the trailer? Let us know what you think about the game-changing series on social media!

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