Pedro Pascal in New Fantastic 4 Guarantees Reed Richards is a Daddy

Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards in Fantastic Four means Mr. Fantastic is a Fantastic Daddy
Pedro Pascal Fantastic Four Daddy

Pedro Pascal’s reported rumored casting as Reed Richards in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Fantastic Four is all the rage! Pascal is hot… from many recent hits like The Last of Us, The Mandalorian, and The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. Pedro Pascal is also a social media darling thanks to his charismatic interviews and general likability in all content regarding him. So having the immensely talented and extremely marketable Pedro Pascal as the smartest man in the Marvel Universe doesn’t seem like much of a stretch, even with his commitment to two franchises and other reported projects. But that’s not what matters, what would a Pedro Pascal casting mean for the MCU?

Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards Would Automatically Make Mr. Fantastic a Fantastic Daddy

Pedro Pascal - Fantastic Four casting in talks.

Daddy, much like many words in the English language, has several meanings. Daddy can mean “one’s father.” according to the Oxford Dictionary, which is the traditional and common understanding of the word to a general audience. However, in an intimate/carnal relationship, daddy is often used to refer to one’s significant other, or temporary paramour. Its use in such relationships has personally ruined the traditional definition and common understanding for many and caused many daddies to prefer to be called dad by their children.

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This second definition has also led to the new slang definition of “daddy” which is a bit of a play and combination of the word “baddy,” which according to Urban Dictionary is:

A name used, mostly by innocent young girls, to address an older guy that they either have sexual relations with or sexual interest in…

-Urban Dictionary-

So we have three understood definitions of the wordy “daddy”

  1. one’s father.
  2. one’s significant other/temporary paramour.
  3. Urban Dictionary’s definition.

Whichever definition of “daddy” you interpret, Pedro Pascal’s picture will appear within the first few pages of the images section if you search for the term daddy. And his casting as Reed Richards would transitionally make Reed Richards of the MCU’s Fantastic Four, a Daddy… a Fantastic Daddy. I’ll explain how Pedro Pascal and Reed Richards fulfill the many definitions of Daddy below.

How Pedro Pascal as Reed Makes Him a Daddy According to Urban Dictionary

  • Pedro Pascal Fantastic Four
  • Pedro Pascal Fantastic Four
  • Pedro Pascal Fantastic Four

*No words were deemed necessary to make this point

How Pedro Pascal as Reed in Fantastic Four Makes Him Daddy Per the Second Definition

Fantastic Four

Reed Richards is famously married to Sue Storm. An iconic comic book cover is of their marriage and the long history of their relationship throughout the comics is cemented and reinforced with every new issue. It is safe to assume an intimate and physical relationship between the two exists. 0 effort was spent to confirm Sue Storm has actually/directly called or referred to Reed as “Daddy” in the second definition of the word. But regardless, their relationship fits the definition. And it is heavily implied by the panel from Fantastic Four #532.

How Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards Sets Him Up as a Daddy in Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four

Per the first and most traditional definition of the word “daddy,” Pedro Pascal personally does not fit the build. He has no reported children. However, he is famously recognized as an amazing father to the adopted children in two of his biggest roles, Din Djarin and Joel Miller. Din is the father of Grogu in The Mandalorian and Joel is the father of Ellie in The Last of Us. His parenting in these roles is what led to Pedro Pascal being heralded as a daddy. As well as the wider use of “daddy” in the third definition.

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With such a powerful recent history of being a father in his roles, it would suit Marvel well to capitalize on this aspect of Pascal’s resume and bring in Franklin and Valeria Richards, children of Reed Richards and Sue Storm to the MCU early. In the comics, the children of the Fantastic Four members come in far later in their story. However, with the approach of mutants in the MCU and the building of a younger generation of heroes, bringing in Franklin and Valeria would fit perfectly with the narrative on top of complimenting a popular aspect of Pedro Pascal. Franklin Richards is also incredibly tied to his mutant association, adding another layer to this theory.

Fantastic Daddy

Mandalorian Din Djarin Grogu

This was just an excuse to call Pascal a daddy a bunch of times because I think it’s funny. But it also does open up, or at least draw attention to, a very interesting possibility for an early inclusion of Franklin and Valeria. With the Young Avengers finally feeling like there is some headway happening, and the roster of mutants in the MCU increasing with each project, there is reason to believe the inclusion of two modern staples of the franchise to be introduced far earlier than expected.

But we’ll have to wait and see for Marvel to officially announce the cast and story details to know for sure.

Fantastic Four logo Disney Investor Day 2020 Marvel Galactus

Until then, what do you think about the likelihood of Pascal playing Mr. Fantastic? Are you for or against it? Do you want Franklin and Val to be brought in early in the Fantastic Four’s MCU tenure? Let us know what you think on social media!

*Editor’s note: I’m putting this at the end because I’m assuming you figured out it’s a fan theory and me making daddy jokes.

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