Episode Runtimes For The Last of Us’ First 4 Episodes Revealed

The Last of Us

The Last of Us has become a massive hit on HBO Max, with the premiere episode already on track to reach 18 million viewers. The second episode that aired this past Sunday reached 5.7 million viewers, and the sales for the original video game have sky-rocketed as well. Long-time fans and newcomers are tuning in for the past two Sundays and it seems like it won’t be going down any time soon. When it comes to the show’s episode length, fans have been wondering how long each episode is.

HBO Reveals Stunning New The Last of Us Poster Ahead of It’s 2023 Premiere

the last of us 2

It’s almost hard to believe after many years of rumors and development, a live-action, motion picture version of The Last of Us franchise is finally happening. The show finally debuts in less than two months, so HBO is stepping up its marketing and promotion for the new television series. A stunning new poster image for the show.

Here Is What We Know About HBO’s The Last of Us Series

The Last of Us

We take a look at recent developments on and off the set of HBO’s latest new series, The Last of Us. Have you ever seen videos or pictures of insects infected with the Cordyceps fungi? No? Not a problem, take a look: Now imagine a mutated version of that lovely fungi infecting humans, turning them […]