CUTE FARMER LIFE Review (PC) – Perfect Dose of Relaxation

Come escape the humdrum of reality with the Cute Farmer Life. For a small indie game, this was the perfect dose of relaxation. It didn’t matter if it was the end of the day, palate cleanser between bigger games, or a mid-day refresher allowing the mind to rest.

Come escape the humdrum of reality with the Cute Farmer Life. For a small indie game, this was the perfect dose of relaxation. It didn’t matter if it was the end of the day, a palate cleanser between bigger games, or a mid-day refresher allowing the mind to rest. Published and developed by SE32 this adorable farm simulation has all the makings for a fun cozy game. As well as the usual farming basics which include gardening, crafting, gathering, livestock, and especially cute animals.


While that might sound like a lot of things to keep track of, don’t worry. Matt the cat isn’t looking to escape the city by taking on more work. The fact that a lot of these game mechanics are simplified compared to the majority of the games in the genre, is what makes it so calming. 

What Is Time? 

Unlike games like My Time at Sandrock, there is no concept of time in Cute Farmer Life. There is no need to sleep because there is no stamina or energy to track. As well as the fact, you couldn’t sleep if you wanted to. Besides the worktable used to craft items, everything in the house is just adding to the cuteness vibes. 

Screenshot of forest during night from Cute Farmer Life.

The only bit of timing that plays a part in the game is the overall length it takes for things to rejuvenate and grow. Items when gardening tend to take longer as the crops increase in cost, but even the longest crop does not impose a long wait. There were times when things would have already been repopulated by the time you finished your first lap around the island. This wouldn’t be every item, but it was enough to keep a steady rhythm of resource gathering. 

One of the reasons this game lulls you into a sense of relaxation is because it’s so easy to just get lost in the gathering. There is one section of the island that is just a medium plot of trees and weeds, scattered around like a connect-the-dots map. It didn’t matter if five apples or 50 apples were needed, everything on that plot of land was going to be picked up and it was going to be done in some sort of pattern or design. Being able to do a task with little to no thought, while still having fun just elevated that feeling of relaxation.

 Simplicity Is Key in Playing Cute Farmer Life

Screenshot of the crafting menu from Cute Farmer Life

With no time to keep track of and no wait, the only structure provided regarding focus is the need to craft items. It is these items that tend to progress the story along or provide useful tools. Many of the items are a one-time build situation, completely being removed once accomplished. Take for example the need for an axe or pickaxe to access the next bit of land and items. 

It is very easy to speed through all the crafting options, along with leveling up your skills. Every item and/or task has a skill set that changes upon improvement. With the tools, cutting down a tree might only take one swing when maxed out, compared to three swings when you first start. Most of the skills are easy to grasp and take no extra action besides just doing it. This is why picking up everything when you are doing loops around the island is helpful, even if you don’t need the item just yet.

The main point of this game is to raise money by selling items and then investing that money into upgrades. There are no extra steps of having to feed the animals, keep plants watered, or clean up trash. The most intensive thing is gardening and getting iron because of the numerous steps, but even then, the iron is all provided for you. All you need is fuel and access to the town. 

The Self-Aware Writing

A screenshot of Matt the cat saying "it's a bit complicated, but I'm managing" from Cute Farmer Life

When games are as simple as Cute Farmer Life, players are not expecting a plot. Even the small introduction scene we get was a beautiful surprise that quickly sets up the player with expectations for the game. It is easy to see how someone might assume this is a game for kids, and that there is nothing in this game that they wouldn’t enjoy. But the writing, and small sarcastic quips we get from cute animals, fit effortlessly with adults.

For most of Cute Farmer Life, there are just small snarky comments, but one of the best moments comes when you get to meet the Deer Nira. For starters, this slight plot was welcomed by a player who loves challenges and quests. However, it was the way the writing broke the fourth wall in a way by taking jabs at how silly it is to throw in random text, a random quest, and so on that it left me laughing and smiling. 

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Overall, Cute Farmer Life is an enjoyable game that can either be wrapped up in just a few hours or be a constant, slow burn that provides the perfect relaxing hideout. By simplifying game mechanics and keeping time restraints limited, players can get lost in the cozy, cute vibes. However you decide to play, one thing is for certain, this game will provide you with a boost of dopamine. That is why we are giving Cute Farmer Life an 8 out of 10.

Cute Farmer Life is available now on Steam. What are your thoughts? Do you plan on giving Cute Farmer Life a try? Let us know your thoughts on the game on The Illuminerdi’s social media.

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