New BLADE Video Game Announced by Bethesda Softworks & Marvel Games

Marvel Blade - Bethesda Softworks

It looks like Marvel fans and gamers have a new Marvel AAA video game to look forward to, and it’s a big-time comeback. Marvel Games and Bethesda Softworks announced a brand-new Blade video game at The Game Awards 2023 ceremony on Thursday (Dec. 7). The new game is in the works from the award-winning game studio, Arkane Lyon, of Deathloop and Dishonored fame.

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In the new video game title, players will take the role of Marvel’s Blade, aka Eric Brooks, who is the legendary Daywalker, a half-man, half-vampire torn between the society of the living and the power of the undead. The new game title was revealed along with a brand-new announcement trailer during the ceremony, which you can check out below.


Per Bethesda, the video game will be a “mature, single-player, third-person game” set in the heart of Paris. The title is currently in development in collaboration with Marvel Games. It will feature an original story and Arkane Lyon’s trademark immersive gameplay, and Bethesda is also promising that it will have a “world-class narrative.”

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In terms of gameplay, Bethesda’s announcement detailed that Blade will put players in a “quarantined section of Paris” during the middle of a supernatural emergency. Vampires have emerged and are terrorizing the city, forcing the citizens to take shelter inside their homes at night to wait for sunrise.

Speaking on the news via a press release, Marvel Games VP and Creative Director Bill Rosemann commented, “In honor of Blade’s 50th anniversary, we have found the perfect match for the Daywalker in Arkane Lyon, a studio of uncompromising artists who continually push the boundaries of game design and innovation.” He continued, “In addition to their award-winning talent, it’s their personal passion and bold vision for our half-human, half-vampire iconoclast that makes this collaboration a perfect fit.”

Marvel Blade - announcement trailer

Arkane Lyon Game Director DingaBakaba also stated, “As a kid of mixed origins, I felt a special connection to Blade – a hero with a dual heritage himself.” DingaBakaba added, “The opportunity to put our spin on this character is a dream of mine and a challenge that our team embraces with a passion. We couldn’t be happier to put players in Blade’s boots, as he becomes the champion of my hometown of Paris, one stake at a time.”

Meanwhile, Arkane Lyon Co-Creative and Art Director Sebastien Mitton added, “From his trench coat to his iconic sunglasses, Blade is a slick, stylish, and driven character.” Mitten went on, “This project is the perfect opportunity to push Arkane’s art style into an even more modern and bold territory. The essence of our work lives at the junction of impactful ideas and innovative know-how.”

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The announcement that it’s a third-person action game is a bit interesting since most of Arkane Lyon’s major titles have primarily been third-person gameplay experiences going back to 2012’s Dishonored. Dishonored 2, Prey, and Deathloop were all first-person video game titles as well. So, this will likely be a bit of an interesting new challenge for the development team.

Interestingly, the announcement didn’t note any console details for the upcoming release. Bethesda Softworks is owned by Microsoft. However, the announcement trailer didn’t feature any console logos for Xbox, PlayStation, or Xbox Game Pass. The console and release details will be revealed later on. The game does not yet have a release date or period.

EA Motive Studio Marvel Iron Man Game

The new game title also adds to the growing list of Marvel AAA game releases that are in the works. With the recent release of the Game of the Year-nominated Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac Games, Insomniac is also developing the new Wolverine game, the upcoming Captain America and Black Panther WWII game from Skydance New Media, EA and Cliffhanger Games’ Black Panther game, and the EA and Motive Studio Iron Man game. Hopefully, some new announcements on those titles are coming soon.

About Marvel’s Blade

Marvel Blade - Bethesda Softworks (1)

Release Date: N/A
Series: Marvel Games
Developer: Arkane Lyon
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platforms: N/A
Genre: Third-person action, Single-Player

Synopsis: In Marvel’s Blade, Eric Brooks is the legendary Daywalker, half-man, half-vampire torn between the warm society of the living and the rushing power of the undead. From Bethesda and Arkane Lyon, the studio that brought you Dishonored and “DEATHLOOP”, Marvel’s Blade is a mature, single-player, third-person game set in the heart of Paris, now in development in collaboration with Marvel Games.

What do you think of the news? Were you surprised that a new Blade video game was announced? Are there any other Marvel characters you want to see get the AAA video game treatment next? Let us know your thoughts about the news on The Illuminerdi’s social media.

SOURCE: Bethesda Softworks

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