SOLO LEVELING – The English Dub for the New Smash Hit Anime is Coming to Crunchyroll

'Solo Leveling' on Crunchyroll is set to redefine the anime experience with its English dub premiere
Solo Leveling

Crunchyroll is set to captivate anime enthusiasts with the English dub premiere of Solo Leveling, a series that’s already creating waves in the anime world. Michael Thomas from Collider hails it as “2024’s first must-see anime that will leave you stunned.” This much-anticipated event is scheduled for Saturday, January 20, 2023, at 1:00 pm PST, exclusively on Crunchyroll.

The Rise of the World’s Weakest Hunter

Solo Leveling revolves around Sung Jinwoo, dubbed the world’s weakest hunter. After a near-death experience in a high-ranking dungeon filled with monsters, Jinwoo returns with a unique ability known as the System, visible only to him. This mysterious program is not just about survival; it’s about leveling up in every conceivable way. As Jinwoo embarks on a journey to unravel the secrets behind his newfound powers and the dungeon’s origins, viewers are in for a thrilling ride.

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Solo Leveling boasts an impressive lineup of creative talents. Based on the original story by Chugong and illustrations by Dubu (Redice Studio), the series is directed by Shunsuke Nakashige. Noboru Kimura handles the series composition, with character design by Tomoko Sudo and monster design by Hirotaka Tokuda. The art direction is led by Yasuhiro Okumura, with Masataka Ikegami overseeing cinematography. The music, a crucial element of the series’ immersive experience, is composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, with animation by A-1 Pictures.

English Dub and Theme Songs

The English ADR direction is helmed by Caitlin Glass, featuring a talented voice cast including Aleks Le as Sung Jinwoo, Justin Briner as Yoo Jinho, and Rebecca Wang as Sung Jinah. The opening theme song, “LEveL,” is a collaboration between TOMORROW X TOGETHER and Hiroyuki Sawano, while the ending theme, “request,” is performed by krage, adding a musical depth to the series.


Solo Leveling is more than just an action-packed anime; it’s a story of transformation and discovery. It challenges the notion of strength and weakness, taking viewers on a journey that’s both visually stunning and emotionally resonant. With its unique storyline, exceptional animation, and compelling characters, Solo Leveling is poised to be a standout series in the anime landscape.

Catch the premiere of the English dub on January 20, 2023, at 1:00 pm PST, exclusively on Crunchyroll.

About Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

Release Date: January 6, 2025
Creator: Chugong
Director: Shunsuke Nakashige
Music: Hiroyuki Sawano, TOMORROW X TOGETHER
Character Design: Tomoko Sudo
Monster Design: Hirotaka Tokuda
Production: A-1 Pictures, Production I.G

Over a decade has passed since a pathway called a “gate” which connects this world and another dimension suddenly appeared, and people with superhuman powers called “hunters” have been awakened. Hunters use their superhuman powers to conquer dungeons inside the gates to make a living, and Sung Jinwoo, a hunter of the lowest rank, is considered the Weakest Hunter of All Mankind. One day, he encounters a double dungeon, a high-level dungeon hidden inside a low-level one.

In front of a severely wounded Jinwoo, a mysterious quest window pops up. On the verge of death, Jinwoo decides to take on the quest, which makes him the only person who can level up.

Are you ready to dive into the world of Solo Leveling and experience the journey of Sung Jinwoo? What are your expectations from the English dub version of this acclaimed series? How do you think the theme songs will enhance the overall viewing experience? Let us know what you think of the newest Anime hit on Discord!

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