Peacock Renews THE TRAITORS for a Third Season

The Traitors

We don’t know what’s more exciting. A third season of fabulous looks for Alan Cumming or getting ready to see who will make up the next batch of reality stars willing to try their hand at winning the hit competition show, The Traitors.

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The Traitors is murdering the competition when it comes to Reality TV, so it makes sense that Peacock has recently confirmed a third season. Winning an Emmy in the first season, The Traitors came back even harder with season two. After making a few changes, like removing everyday people, this season has been wonderfully eventful.


Playing off popular party games that rely heavily on logical deduction, The Traitors takes a bunch of reality stars from a multitude of shows and throws them into a castle in Scotland. Here they will have to battle it out over the next few weeks as a few among them are deemed “Traitors” and are working quickly to murder the rest.

Contestants will have to work together to earn money towards their end prize fund worth up to $250,000. Along with the nightly murders that are decreasing the “Faithfuls” numbers, the group routinely meets at the roundtable to discuss banishing one of their own.

This is done with the hope that a Traitor will be ousted, but as we have come to know, that is a lot harder than many would assume. Whoever stays alive to see the finale, has the opportunity to win the price. That is, however, as long as there is not a Traitor hiding amongst them.


There are a few reasons that people are hooked on the new show, The Traitors. A huge chunk of it falls to the incredible hosting by Alan Cumming. He not only plays up his role flawlessly, but he looks like a top-tier Fashion Week model debuting the latest line of Highland Chic.

Three different fashion looks from Alan Cummings, including a brown fur coat over brown twead, Black poncho with shorts and red gloves, and a green suit with netting over the arms and shoulder of the jacket.
Alan Cumming’s outfits from Episode 205 “A Killer Move”, Episode 206 “Backstab and Betrayal”, Episode 207, “Blood on Their Hands” (Photo by Euan Cherry/PEACOCK)

Tuning in weekly to see who is voted and murdered off, comes almost second to the question on everyone’s lips, what is Alan Cumming wearing? Since the show is in the middle of its second season, with new episodes airing every Thursday night at 6 pm ET/9 pm PT, it isn’t too late to join in on the fun.

Another thing that makes The Traitors so exciting is that reality shows don’t tend to cross over. This seems to be a new trend in the genre, with the only other show doing this being The House of Villains. Now we might see Bravo stars intermingle, or Survivor contestants head on over to The Challenge. But never have we been gifted with some of the best and biggest names from the most popular shows being brought together to battle it out.

Take for example season two, Peter Weber, best known from The Bachelor is giving Big Brother mastermind Dan Gheesling a run for his money. While queen Traitor herself Phaedra Parks from Married to Medicine, is going completely unnoticed. Who better to maneuver dangerous water than a leading lady on a Bravo show?

Photo of Mercedes "MJ" Javid peeking through a leaves while she is held in a net from episode seven of season two of The Traitors
THE TRAITORS — “Blood on Their Hands” Episode 207 — Pictured: Mercedes “MJ” Javid — (Photo by: Euan Cherry/PEACOCK)

It doesn’t matter if you only love one reality show, or love them all, as long as you love drama. Because that is what The Traitors provides every episode. Unlike, The House of Villains, which is a little more silly, The Traitors is intense.

Not only do we have so many stars across different shows, but we have people with past experiences that might now have ended well. We have stars who have alliances with their networking buddies, like the Bravo shows. Then you have people who might have never met but instantly connect. There are so many different situations that unfold, that you can’t help but be pulled in.

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Especially with season two of The Traitors. It seems like there have been a lot of changes to the competition play that make it more than just the daily challenges. Having the Traitors poison someone in plain view, left us on the edge of our seats. Changing up how the shields are provided or allowing Traitors to choose their partner in crime right away; all have added to the strategy behind the game. Which in return, has only made it more exhilarating.

Now the only question remaining is what can we expect to see in the third season? Personally, similar to how we saw the return of Kate Chastain, there is hope that Johnny “Bananas” from The Challenge, might get invited back. But until a casting list is released, the only things we know for certain is we can expect more fashion, more of Alan Cumming’s wit, and another season of the hit show, The Traitors. Season 3 of The Traitors will stream on NBCUniversal’s Peacock service later on.

About The Traitors

The Traitors key art

Release Date: Jan. 12, 2024 (Season 2)
Executive Producers: Stephen Lambert, Sam Rees-Jones, Mike Cotton, Rosie Franks, Tim Harcourt, and Jack Burgess.
Distribution: Peacock
Produced by: Studio Lambert

Synopsis: The Traitors is a nail-biting psychological adventure in which treachery and deceit are the name of the game. Entertainment’s most competitive reality stars and famous faces play the ultimate murder mystery game. Hosted by award-winning actor Alan Cumming at an ancient castle set deep in the Scottish Highlands, contestants work together on a series of exhilarating missions to build a prize fund worth up to $250,000.

Who would you love to see in the third season of The Traitors? What are your thoughts on Season 2 so far? Who are you rooting to see at the end? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter or via our Discord server!

SOURCE: NBCUniversal, Peacock

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