WWE 2K24 is Here So You Cry Babies Can Finish The Story

Hey cry babies, WWE 2K24 is here so you can finish the story
WWE 2K24

The wrestling universe is abuzz as 2K announces the global release of the WWE 2K24 Deluxe Edition and Forty Years of WrestleMania Edition, marking a new chapter in the storied WWE video game franchise. Developed by Visual Concepts, these editions are now available on PlayStation® 5 (PS5®), PlayStation®4 (PS4®), Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, with the Standard Edition set to launch on March 8, 2024.

A Champion’s Commitment to Excellence

Greg Thomas, President at Visual Concepts, expressed pride in the team’s dedication to surpassing their achievements with each installment. “WWE 2K24 is a testament to our world champion-level commitment to excellence,” Thomas stated, highlighting the game’s gameplay enhancements and quality improvements.

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What’s New in WWE 2K24?

WWE 2K24 elevates the franchise with new features and fan-favorite enhancements:

  • 2K Showcase… Of The Immortals: Relive 40 years of WrestleMania’s iconic moments with 2K’s Slingshot Tech, blending gameplay with live-action footage for an immersive experience. Unlockable content adds depth and replay value.
  • Iconic Roster: Over 200 WWE Legends and current Superstars, including “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes, Bianca Belair, and “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali, come to life with ultra-realistic graphics.
  • Four New Match Types: Special Guest Referee, Ambulance Match, Casket Match, and Gauntlet Match join the lineup, alongside enhanced Backstage Brawl and Royal Rumble features.
  • MyRISE: Navigate two new storylines in WWE’s unique career mode, unlocking rewards and crafting a legacy with over six hours of original dialogue.
  • MyFACTION: This team-building mode returns with a direct purchase card market and updated multiplayer experience, offering extensive post-launch content.
  • MyGM: Manage WWE brands with new GMs, match types, and the Superstar Journey feature.
  • Universe Mode: Control the WWE Universe with expanded Rivalry actions and new cutscenes.
  • Creation Suite: Design custom Superstars, arenas, and more with new parts and animations.
  • Soundtrack: Executive Soundtrack Producer Post Malone curates a diverse lineup of artists across genres.

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Editions and Pre-Order Bonuses

WWE 2K24 is available in four editions, each packed with exclusive content:

  • Standard Edition: Available on previous-gen platforms, PC, and current-gen consoles, with prices varying by platform.
  • Standard Cross-Gen Digital Edition: Includes Standard Edition across previous and current-gen platforms within the same console family.
  • Deluxe Edition: Features the Standard Cross-Gen Edition, Nightmare Family Pack, Season Pass to all five post-launch DLC content packs, and more.
  • Forty Years of WrestleMania Edition: In addition to Deluxe Edition content, this edition includes the Forty Years of WrestleMania Pack with exclusive attires, MyFACTION cards, and the WrestleMania 40 Arena.

Pre-order bonuses include the Nightmare Family Pack, featuring playable Superstars and MyFACTION cards, with digital pre-orders also receiving the Standard Edition of WWE 2K23.

For more information on WWE 2K24, visit the official website and follow the game on social media using the hashtags #WWE2K24 and #FinishYourStory. Step into the ring and finish your story with WWE 2K24, where legends are made, and champions are crowned.

About WWE 2K24

WWE 2k24

Release Date: Deluxe Edition and Forty Years of WrestleMania Edition March 5, 2024, Standard Edition and Standard Cross-Gen Digital Edition March 8, 2024
Developer: Visual Concepts
Publisher: 2K
Series: WWE 2K
Platforms: PlayStation 4 | PlayStation 5 | Xbox One | Xbox Series X/S | Windows
Genre: Sports
Modes: Single-player, multiplayer

Experience WWE 2K24’s bevy of spectacular modes, which includes a tribute to WrestleMania in 2K Showcase of the Immortals, MyRISE, MyFACTION, MyGM, and all-new match types like Guest Referee and Gauntlet.

Are you ready to experience the evolution of wrestling games with WWE 2K24? How will the new match types and features enhance your gameplay? What iconic WrestleMania moments are you most excited to relive? Let us know what you’re looking forward to most on Discord!

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