Becky Lynch Opens Up About Troubled Friendship With Charlotte Flair And Upcoming Exciting Match With Rhea Ripley

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Becky Lynch talks about her troubled friendship with Charlotte Flair and her upcoming WrestleMania opponent, Rhea Ripley. Lynch has been one of the top women on the Raw roster for the last few years. The only time she hasn’t been on the top of the card was when she was pregnant.

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On the other side of the women’s roster on SmackDown is Charlotte Flair. She has been the dominant woman in the blue brand. Both women being at the top of the roster has caused some tension in their friendship at times. Becky Lynch was recently a guest on Inside The Ropes and discussed rekindling their friendship as could be seen at the post-Survivor Series: WarGames press conference.

“Wasn’t that nice? I think Charlotte and I are always going to be butting heads because we both want to be the very best. And with that, it’s hard to have an eternal symbiotic relationship, but it was nice. Animosity, especially for a long time, begins to weigh on you, [and] becomes to get heavy. So whenever you can get a break from that, I think that’s nice. But you can’t get too much of that, because this is wrestling, man. We’re not selling a good time, we’re selling conflict.”

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Two Key Women In The Women’s Revolution

WWE Shotzi Blackheart, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair
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Flair and Lynch were part of the unofficial group of women known as The Four Horsewomen of WWE. This is of course a reference to Flair’s dad’s infamous stable, The Four Horsemen. It consisted of Lynch, Flair, Sasha Banks (Mercedes Moné), and Bayley.

The four women were a big part of the women’s revolution and helped to usher in the current age of women’s wrestling in WWE. They came through NXT together and had great matches with each other. Those great matches continued on the main roster.

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The pressure put on them by WWE and fans to show that women could main event must have been immense. They all pushed each other to be the best and elevate themselves. Somewhere along the way Lynch and Flair’s friendship became strained.

Becky Lynch Is Still At The Top Of The Roster

Shotzi Blackheart, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair
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Flair was recently injured during a match with Shotzi Blackheart. The resulting injury caused Flair to have knee surgery and will be missing from the top of the SmackDown card for a while as she heals.

However, Lynch is still at the top of the Raw roster. In September she went back to NXT to win the NXT Women’s Championship and entered the Women’s WarGames match along with Flair.

Lynch has made it very clear that she is eyeing the Women’s World Championship and intends on dethrone its champion. The champion happens to be the most dominant woman currently in WWE, Rhea Ripley.

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Lynch was recently a guest on WWE’s The Bump and showed a lot of respect to Ripley and how impressive her in-ring skills are.

“You can see everything that’s being thrown at her. You can see how young she is, how naturally talented she is, and the finesse that she possesses in the ring.”

Becky Lynch via Wrestling Inc.

Lynch Is Looking To Come Out On Top

WWE Rhea Ripley and Becky Lynch
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Lynch recently secured herself a WrestleMania match by winning the Women’s Elimination Chamber match. On April 6 or 7, she will have her shot at Ripley. However, Lynch is not the only one who is looking to take the Women’s World champion. Nia Jax has attacked both Ripley and Lynch. Jax is an obstacle Lynch is going to have to overcome and put away if she wants a real shot at Ripley. Lynch will take on Jax on this week’s Raw.

Lynch admitted that Ripley is going to be a big challenge for her. Ripley’s natural abilities are intimidating and something that should not be taken lightly. However, Lynch believes in herself and knows she can come out of WrestleMania as champion.

“When you’re against somebody who has all those natural abilities, you start to question yourself, especially when they didn’t come so naturally to you. But that’s the thing that I have to remind myself, is it was never about being the most athletic or being a natural. It was always about heart and passion and work ethic, and that’s never waned. And I don’t think anybody can or ever will beat me in that. That’s the difference, but I need to prove to myself that I’m better than her.”

WWE Rhea Ripley and Becky Lynch
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WWE has kept Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair apart, but will that add to the hype if they eventually face each other again? Would you like to see Flair vs. Lynch before the year is over? Are you excited for Lynch vs. Ripley? Would you rather have someone else have won the Elimination Chamber match? Let us know on social media if you think Lynch will walk out of WrestleMania as champion. Follow us for more content like this. We’re always watching.

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