NACELLEVERSE #0 Review: A Lackluster Start To A Hopeful Shared Universe-Starter

Does the beginning to this new line of comics from Oni Press still show some signs of promise? Read on to find out!
Nacelleverse - Issue #0

Nacelleverse #0, written by Melissa Flores and with artwork by Diogenes Neves, is a weak start to this ambitious toy line and animation-based shared universe.

The Nacelleverse is an upcoming line of comics, named after The Nacelle Company. The Nacelle Company is famous for its various television shows like The Toys That Made Us on Netflix. The line adapts various toys and cartoons from the ’60s and ’80s, like Robo Force, weaving them into a setting they all inhabit. The special #0 issue was released on March 20th, 2024.

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This issue focuses on Garloo, from the ’60s toy, The Great Garloo, discovering his home planet has been destroyed, motivating him to find a new one. After meeting an alien named Lepaa, Garloo encounters different characters on each planet they visit together.

Nacelleverse #0 Feels Like A Meal With No Lasting Aftertaste

The issue’s plot felt too barebones and overly contrived in order to sample the worlds of the line’s comics. Besides being minimal in scale, the plot is also extremely predictable. It hinges on Garloo’s growing friendship with Lepaa, but their friendship will obviously go sour from the moment they meet.

Garloo as the main character just didn’t feel like a proper lead to sell these characters. He’s more like the comic relief who lightens up a story. It would’ve been more appropriate to have a central character from one of the more action-oriented toylines, such as Sectaurs, to be the one the story revolves around.

Speaking of that toy line, their section of the issue is one of the strongest because of its mostly engaging atmosphere. The same can be said with the portion of the issue dedicated to showcasing The Power Lords.

Nostalgia Won’t Be Enough To Carry The Nacelleverse

Your engagement with the comic’s plot will definitely be lost if you’re not familiar with any of these toys. While nostalgia has led to great success, as the legacy sequel obsession can attest to, it depends on the property’s past popularity to begin with.

Although a cult following developed over the decades since their creation, none of them reached a level of popularity comparable to Hasbro and Mattel’s toys and shows. Considering The Nacelle Company has made its mark with docuseries that feed on nostalgia, it’s clear they value it over ensuring quality control.

The issue also didn’t feel like a true introduction to these characters for people who are new to them. It barely leaves hints of their conflicts, which would help to properly set up their own series. It’s too much of a standalone story to be a decent beginning to a presumably overarching story.

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Ultimately, Nacelleverse #0 is a perfect example of when shoehorning many properties into one shared universe doesn’t guarantee success. For this alone, Nacelleverse #0 is a 5/10.

About Nacelleverse

Release Date: March 20th, 2024
Written by: Melissa Flores
Artwork: Diogenes Neves, Rahmat Handoko, Rhoald Marcellius, Francis Portela
Publisher: Oni Press

What are your thoughts on Nacelleverse #0? Are you interested in checking out the rest of the comics? Did you play with the toys or watch the cartoons as a kid? What other obscure toys and cartoons do you want to see join this shared universe? Let us know by giving The Illuminerdi a shout-out on our social media, we’re always watching. 

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