RICK AND MORTY SUPER SPRING BREAK SPECIAL #1 Review: The Iconic Duo Goes on a Surreal Vacation in Fan-Pleasing Issue

Is this issue a great comic book take on Rick and Morty's animated adventures? Read on to find out!
Rick and Morty Spring Break Special #1

Rick and Morty Super Spring Break Special #1, written by James Asmus and Jim Festante, and with artwork by Dean Rankine, is a routine but enjoyable comic book adaptation of the duo’s adventures.

The special is part of comic book publisher Oni Press’ Rick and Morty series, based on Adult Swim’s animated series of the same name, created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Rick and Morty follows comically jaded scientist Rick Sanchez and his neurotic grandson Morty Smith as they discover increasingly bizarre phenomena across the universe.


The issue focuses on the duo and Morty’s sister, Summer, as they try to have a good time on the planet of Xicemo. Chaos ensues when Morty’s interactions with the native alien species bring about a revolution. The special issue was released on March 13th, 2024.

Rick and Morty Super Spring Break Special #1 Hilariously Captures The Series’ Surreal Humor

Easily, the issue’s biggest strength is the way its humor feels right at home with the dozens of episodes of the animated series. The gag when Rick injects one of the springbreakers with rooster DNA to win a contest is great. The issue’s funniest portions are in the subplot when Morty’s words inspire the aliens to attack the spring breakers.

The only problem with this is that the plot around greatly resembles the series’ common formula a little too closely. Specifically, the plot rehashes elements of episodes like “Look Who’s Purging Now” from Season 2, which also had Morty befriending an alien girl on another planet he and Rick visit.

The formulaic plot works for a standalone issue, but it’d be interesting to check out previous ones to see if this format works for an ongoing series.

The Artwork Details Each of The Characters in Satisfying Fashion

While it’s expected to have an issue from a licensed property attempt to mimic the art style, this issue does it in a way as if the panels are screenshots from an episode of the series. It’s not like Rankine and the others traced from specific ones, but it’s detailed enough to be indistinguishable from an average episode’s animation quality.

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While the artwork is very beholden to the series’ aesthetic, it would’ve been interesting if it was a bit more visually ambitious. The shift in style for part 3, “The Spring Break Breakdown,” is excellent since it conveys a more vulnerable perspective through Mark Skidowski’s eyes.

Ultimately, Rick and Morty Super Spring Break Special #1 is a serviceable and funny look at the characters’ activities during the popular week. The issue definitely deserves a 7/10.

About Rick and Morty Super Spring Break Special

Release Date: March 13, 2024
Written by: James Asmus and Jim Festante
Artwork: Dean Rankine, Tony Gregori, Angela Trizzino
Publisher: Oni Press

Synopsis: Aw yeah, spring break! Rick, Summer, and Morty have ventured off-world to a planet where young, sexy vacationers from around the universe come to party, cut loose, and compete in the annual Spring Break contest! While Summer has just enough self-respect to avoid vying for Ms. Spring Break, Rick doesn’t! And he’s all in on winning Mr. Spring Break. But little do our heroes know that winning the Spring Break competition comes with a steep “reward,” and if the winner refuses the reward, well, it may just unleash a swift and vicious class war between the exploited and exasperated locals and the pampered and unprepared spring breakers.

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