Disney+ Drops Magical DESCENDANTS: THE RISE OF RED Teaser and Poster

DESCENDANTS: THE RISE OF RED teaser trailer and new poster
Descendants: The Rise of Red

Disney+ has just given fans a tantalizing glimpse into the much-anticipated Descendants: The Rise of Red, set to premiere on July 12, 2024. This latest chapter in the beloved Descendants saga introduces audiences to Red, portrayed by Kylie Cantrall, the audacious princess of Wonderland and the newest VK (Villain Kid) in Auradon, who finds herself in a sticky situation with Malia Baker’s character, Chloe, the daughter of Cinderella and King Charming.

A New Chapter Begins

Descendants: The Rise of Red embarks on an adventurous narrative that intertwines the lives of Red, the Queen of Hearts’ defiant offspring, and Chloe, the meticulous daughter of Cinderella. As the Queen of Hearts launches a revolt against Auradon, the unlikely duo of Red and Chloe is forced to collaborate, embarking on a time-traveling mission to prevent a pivotal event that led the Queen of Hearts on her path of villainy.

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The film boasts an impressive cast, including music and screen stars such as Brandy as Cinderella and Rita Ora as the Queen of Hearts, alongside a fresh ensemble of VKs and legacy characters. Fans of the franchise will be thrilled to see China Anne McClain return as Uma, now the principal of Auradon Prep, with Melanie Paxson reprising her role as the Fairy Godmother.

Legacy of Success

Descendants: The Rise of Red

Staying true to the franchise’s roots, Descendants: The Rise of Red is rich in musical numbers, featuring seven new original songs, two reprises, and a captivating cover of “So This Is Love” from Cinderella. The soundtrack, set to release on the same day as the film, promises to be a hit, continuing the franchise’s legacy of chart-topping music.

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The Descendants series has consistently captivated audiences, with each movie premiere becoming the most-watched cable movie of the year among key demographics. The franchise’s music videos have amassed over 15 billion streams, and its soundtracks have received multiple RIAA certifications. The series has also seen significant success in merchandise, with millions of dolls, books, and costumes sold worldwide.

Real Life Magic

In addition to the film, Disney+ has announced a range of Descendants: The Rise of Red consumer products, including dolls, playsets, apparel, and more, set to launch this summer. Executive produced by Suzanne Todd and Gary Marsh, directed by Jennifer Phang, and choreographed by Ashley Wallen, the film is poised to be another enchanting addition to the Descendants legacy.

Descendants: The Rise of Red premieres exclusively on Disney+ July 12, 2024.

About Descendants: The Rise of Red

Descendants: The Rise of Red

Release Date: July 12, 2024
Director: Jennifer Phang
Writers: Dan Frey; Russell Sommer
Distribution: Disney+
Production: Bad Angels Productions; 5678 Productions; Disney Channel
Cast: Brandy, Rita Ora, Dara Reneé, Ruby Rose, Morgan Dudley, Joshua Colley, Peder Lindell, Grace Narducci, Jeremy Swift, Paolo Montalban, Leonardo Nam. China Anne McClain, Melanie Paxson, Kylie Cantrall

In this newest installment in the mega-hit “Descendants” franchise, former Villain Kid Uma, now headmaster of Auradon Prep, extends an invite to the school to another VK – Red, the rebellious daughter of the tyrannical Queen of Hearts from Wonderland. The Queen of Hearts has long held a grudge against Auradon, and especially Cinderella, and seizes the opportunity to seek revenge when she drops her daughter off at school. When the Queen of Hearts incites a coup against Auradon, Red must team up with Cinderella’s perfectionist daughter Chloe and travel back in time to try to undo the traumatic event that set Red’s mother down her villainous path.

Are you ready to dive back into the magical world of Auradon and Wonderland? Will Red and Chloe’s unlikely alliance be enough to thwart the Queen of Hearts’ sinister plans? How will the new songs and adventures shape the legacy of the Descendants series? Join the conversation and share your thoughts about the Descendants: The Rise of Red with us on Discord!

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